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Myanmar | 3 April 2017
A new agriculture app could usher in a 'golden' era for Myanmar farmers

In many ways, Myanmar’s agricultural industry holds an enviable position in Southeast Asia. The country is home to “unusually fertile soils and abundant water source[s]” and is said to have “the most ...

Myanmar | 17 December 2015
Farmers use illegally imported fertiliser and insecticide

Farmers are defying customs laws by using smuggled fertiliser and insecticide to save money, dealers say. The biggest users are those with the most acreage to cover. A 50-kilogram bag of local fert...

Myanmar | 23 October 2015
Myanmar needs urgent help with livestock and rice losses

Recent floods in Myanmar destroyed farms, killed livestock, and could lead to a surge in rural unemployment and food prices unless more international help is provided, the government and United Nation...

Myanmar | 14 August 2015
Myanmar halts rice exports as floods hit crop

Myanmar halted rice shipments after floods over the past month inundated farmland, raising the specter of supply disruptions in the sixth-biggest exporter. The Myanmar Rice Federation voluntarily s...

Myanmar | 13 April 2015
Myanmar farmers dream of making Asia's rice bowl

Dressed in Chelsea soccer shorts and a wide-brimmed hat, Than Tun toils away in his paddy fiezld on the outskirts of Yangon, sweat pouring down his sinewy arms. Grueling work that once helped Myan...

Myanmar | 1 September 2014
Suu Kyi warns farmers not to rush into selling their land

Aung San Suu Kyi has warned farmers in her constituency not to rush into selling their land, saying prices will continue to rise over time. Suu Kyi, a Lower House MP and chairperson of the oppositi...

Myanmar | 20 February 2014
Protesters demand return of grabbed farmland

Residents of Thayetchaung, in Taninthayi Region, have protested the seizure of farmland by the military and government to build a railroad and demanded for fair compensation. The protestors marched...

Myanmar | 5 July 2013
Myanmar makes efforts for development of dairy cattle breeding

Myanmar is drafting a five-year plan to develop the dairy cattle breeding sector. The five-year plan (2013-18) were touched recently at a stakeholder consultation workshop with dairy sector represe...

Myanmar | 10 May 2013
Burma to Receive $36 Mln for Agriculture Development

The International Fund for Agricultural Development will offer Burma’s government US $36 million in soft loans, which will be used to boost growth and development of the country’s farming sector, gove...

Myanmar | 18 March 2013
Myanmar compensates farmers for copper mine land confiscation

Myanmar authorities have started giving compensation to farmers whose lands were confiscated to make way for a copper mine project in Monywa in northwestern Sagaing region, official media reported Mon...

Myanmar | 4 March 2013
H5N1 infections detected in Myanmar poultry

Myanmar detected abnormal chicken deaths in poultry farms in 2012 and dead chickens were traded without permission from authorities, an official from the epidemiology section of the Livestock Breeding...

Myanmar | 4 March 2013
Farmers seek protection in 6-point bill of rights

More than 200 people took part in a “Farmers’ Forum” at Excel Treasure Hotel in Yangon on February 25-26 to draw up the charter. The six points are: the right to reasonable compensation for land a...

Myanmar | 25 February 2013
Myanmar farmers seek compensation for land grabs

Angry farmers in Pyu township, Bago Region, are demanding compensation for land confiscated for government projects, including highways, roads and dams. “About 70 percent of people in Pyu are farme...

Myanmar | 27 December 2012
Rice farmers threatened by dam project

Hundreds of farmers are asking the government for help after a dam project in Burma’s southern Mon State destroyed more than 5,000 acres of their rice paddies, an ethnic Mon lawmaker says. Parliame...

Myanmar | 12 November 2012
Myanmar’s corn farmers could gain from US drought

The worst drought in more than 50 years that is affecting large parts of the United States is expected to reduce the nation’s corn output by about US$40 billion, according to the government and analys...

Myanmar | 1 November 2012
Agriculture adviser wants more focus on rice R&D

There should be greater focus and budget allocation for rice research and development, as it is the country's key export crop, the Chart Thai Pattana Party's chief adviser, Banharn Silpa-archa, said y...

Myanmar | 29 October 2012
Myanmar seeks to restore status among top rice exporters

Myanmar, the world’s top rice shipper before five decades of military dictatorship made it Southeast Asia’s poorest nation, plans to double exports over five years, threatening to aggravate a global g...

Myanmar | 3 September 2012
Myanmar needs enablers, not exploiters

All roads from the West and the East these days are leading to Myanmar, and all eyes of foreign investors are focused on opportunities in this newly opened frontier country, but is it really right to ...

Myanmar | 31 August 2012
Myanmar farmers lose their grip on land

Thein Zaw has been a rice farmer in the Irrawaddy River delta of Myanmar all his life. This year, he did something he hadn’t done before: he sold half of his seven-acre farm to a neighbour with deeper...

Myanmar | 24 August 2012
Burmese land ownership a work in progress

The agricultural land reform issue in Burma is rapidly shifting and changes in the wind indicate a pro-farmer shift might be occurring in both governmental and business policies. An informative ana...

Myanmar | 9 August 2012
Myanmar seeks to rejoin top rice exporters

As Myanmar emerges from decades of isolation and oppression, it hopes to reclaim its nearly forgotten status as the world's biggest rice exporter. That's a tall order, but industry and government o...

Myanmar | 2 August 2012
Farmers will sue over denial of protest rights

A group of farmers said they would prepare a lawsuit after Labutta Township officials denied them a permit to stage a demonstration over the confiscation of their land. Phoe Phyu, an advocate for t...

Myanmar | 11 June 2012
Farmers seek right to use land

Farmers from Alwan Sut village in Yangon Region’s Thanlyin township are seeking the right to continue to farm land they were forced to sell 15 years ago for a dormant building project. About 200 ac...

Myanmar | 7 June 2012
Epidemic of land grabbing in Burma

The convergence of military, business and government interests aimed at displacing farmers and residents from their homes poses grave dangers for Burma, the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) said in ...

Myanmar | 19 December 2011
Farmers cry foul over chicken prices

Yangon Region’s poultry industry is in a flutter as a result of oversupply, which is depressing prices to dangerous levels for farmers, the chairman of the Myanmar Livestock Federation said last...

Myanmar | 28 November 2011
Changing climate hurting agriculture

Extreme weather conditions have had a significant impact on agricultural production in Myanmar in recent years, a government official said at a forum in Yangon last week.

Myanmar | 21 March 2011
Over 500 pigs die for blue ear disease in Myanmar

Over 500 heads of pig have died of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) disease in Myanmar’s second largest city of Mandalay...

Myanmar | 11 March 2011
Myanmar to resume rice exports

Myanmar will probably resume rice exports after the new harvest starts in April, according to the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization.

Myanmar | 10 March 2011
Poppy farmers are a growing problem

The illegal cultivation of poppies in the neighboring country of Myanmar has doubled during the past three years

Myanmar | 19 January 2011
Avian flu found in Burma

The avian influenza has been detected on a poultry farm in Sittwe in Arakan State...