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Norway | 1 May 2018
Arctic farmer defies icy conditions to grow vegetables

On the icy Norwegian islands of Svalbard, located well above the Arctic Circle, the maximum temperature was just 13°C last year and the minimum temperature a frosty -24°C. For more than three months o...

Norway | 20 April 2017
Norwegian wellboat firm, salmon farmer ink $168m merger

A Norwegian transport and wellboat firm has inked a deal to merge with Midt-Norsk Havbruk, one of the country's largest privately-owned farmers. According to a statement from NTS, which is listed o...

Norway | 18 July 2016
Norwegian farmers unsure over new biomass rules

The decision by the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries to alter its maximum allowed biomass (MAB) rule has received a lukewarm response from some of the country’s salmon farmers. Known as the Bremnes ...

Norway | 24 November 2014
'Food crops' to be grown in space

A new EU-funded research project is set to attempt to grow food in space, which may lead to crops being cultivated on the Moon and Mars. The 10-year project called Time Scale, led by researchers in...

Norway | 16 May 2014
Angry farmers plot egg crisis in Norway

Farmers in Norway are trying to force an egg shortage on the country before its National Day celebrations on 17 May, in protest at their government's attempts to cut the level of protection they enjoy...

Norway | 13 September 2013
Influenza virus in wild birds in Norway

Ducks and gulls are the natural hosts of influenza A virus. Ragnhild Tønnessen's PhD research project has characterised influenza A viruses in gulls and ducks in Norway. Her discoveries may lead to...

Norway | 24 April 2013
Norway Fish Farmers Rise as Tight Supply Lifts Price: Oslo Mover

Norwegian salmon farmers including Marine Harvest ASA (MHG), Leroey Seafood Group ASA (LSG) and Salmar ASA (SALM) rose in Oslo trading on growing demand and tightening fish supplies. Marine Harvest...

Norway | 17 April 2013
Making BC Election a Referendum on the Future of Fish Farming

As the BC election approaches, the Norwegian-dominated aquaculture industry suddenly finds itself swimming upstream. Despite mounting evidence of its impacts on the marine environment - and over s...

Norway | 13 December 2012
Norway plans new fish farming ownership rules

Norway plans to allow salmon firms to own more than a quarter of its total production capacity, conforming to EU rules and allowing Marine Harvest, the biggest Atlantic salmon producer, to expand its ...

Norway | 6 November 2012
Norway dairy farmers in decline

Per Christian Rålm at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (NILF) says Norway currently has 10,540 dairy farms. NILF data shows this is a drop of 14.2 percent (7,504 farmers) since Labour ...

Norway | 5 March 2012
Norwegian breeds could disappear

The list, compiled by the Norwegian Genetics Resource Centre, contains five breeds of dog, including the black-haired Norwegian Elkhound, the Norwegian Buhund and the Lundehund.

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