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Paraguay | 19 September 2017
Paraguay's agriculture: Just how much is at risk?

Despite the political and economic instability facing South America, the small nation of Paraguay is experiencing growth. This upturn is due to a record soy harvest alongside a number of infrastructur...

Paraguay | 25 May 2016
Paraguayan farmers defend native seeds over GMOs

About 100 farmers with peasant organizations on Tuesday left their family farms in Paraguay's interior to attend a fair in downtown Asuncion, where they displayed their native seeds, the basis for the...

Paraguay | 30 August 2013
Freezing frosts kill 4.000 cattle in landlocked Paraguay

“Preliminary numbers add up to 1.800 and based on the first reports but I guess we’ll get close to 4.000 deaths because of the intense cold on Wednesday dawn, particularly to the south of the country”...

Paraguay | 23 April 2013
Paraguayans bank on new ‘farming president’ Horacio Cartes

TOBACCO magnate Horacio Cartes won Paraguay’s presidential election on Sunday, returning his centre-right Colorado Party to power after the left’s brief spell ended in impeachment last year. Mr Car...

Paraguay | 18 December 2012
Paraguay farmers charged over land killings

Paraguayan prosecutors filed charges on Sunday against eight out of the 14 farmers allegedly involved in a land dispute that left 17 people dead at a soy farm. Politicians opposed to then-President...

Paraguay | 27 July 2012
Isolated Paraguay pledged farmers' support

Paraguay's suspension from Mercosur has angered farmer groups who want an amicable diplomatic resolution of the standoff between the new government in Asuncion and regional powers withholding its reco...

Paraguay | 6 January 2012
Paraguay declares alert as FMD detected

Paraguayan officials have moved to quarantine an area in the province of San Pedro to try to deal with an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease.

Paraguay | 21 September 2011
Paraguay to destroy cattle to fight foot-and-mouth

Paraguay has ordered the destruction of 1,000 head of cattle to stem an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, while beef powerhouse Brazil banned imports of its neighbor’s beef, pork, cattle and p...

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