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Austria | 24 March 2017
Austria eases poultry restrictions as bird flu threat fades

Austrian poultry will be allowed outdoors as of Saturday as the threat from bird flu is fading, the country's health ministry said, lifting a restriction put in place more than two months ago. Aust...

Austria | 6 January 2017
Austrian farms told to keep poultry indoors to combat bird flu

Austria has ordered its farmers to keep all poultry indoors from next week, extending measures to fight bird flu as the contagious virus spreads in neighboring European countries. Austria had alrea...

Austria | 7 July 2016
Several cattle killed by single bolt of lightning in Austria

A bolt of lightning has reportedly killed 17 cows and calves that huddled under a tree to escape a rainstorm in Austria. State broadcaster ORF quoted herdsman Georg Buchegger as saying only one of ...

Austria | 29 April 2016
Negative effect on Austrian agriculture

The trade agreement between the US and Europe, TTIP, will have negative effects on employment and the biggest losses in jobs will be in the agricultural and food producing sectors. This is one of ...

Austria | 5 September 2014
Austrian farmers look to new export markets

Austrian farmers hit by a Russian food import ban are looking to tap into other export markets - particularly North Africa and Asia, according to Agriculture Minister Andrä Rupprechter (ÖVP). Ruppr...

Austria | 13 August 2014
Deaths and injuries caused by cattle on the rise in Austria

Police say a steer killed a farmer while he was working in its stall, in the latest of several deaths or injuries over the past few weeks caused by Austrian cattle. A police statement says the 49-y...

Austria | 22 October 2012
Cattle train trio facing jail

Three people are facing jail after more than 30 elderly German tourists were injured when a tractor pulling them in two trailers up a mountain trail to a local hotel swerved to avoid a herd of cattle ...

Austria | 19 July 2012
Austrian court orders farmer to remove cow bells from cattle

Residents of the small town of Stallhofen had complained that the constant clanging of the bells as the cows moved around at night had kept them awake. "You could not sleep and your nerves were raw," ...

Austria | 23 April 2012
Slovenia and Austria at odds over sausage

It’s a diplomatic rift that has both countries hungry for a fight. The subject of the spat? A humble pork sausage. Slovenia calls the spicy delicacy "Kranjska klobasa" and Austria &...

Austria | 27 March 2012
Austrian investors interested in Serbia

Minister of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management Dusan Petrovic said today in Vienna that obtaining the candidate status for EU membership reaffirmed Serbia as a place where investors are...

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