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Romania | 27 October 2017
Romania's president wants smart agriculture

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday that the country has huge potential in agriculture and could become an agricultural force in Europe. "We have everything needed to make our countr...

Romania | 26 September 2016
Romania may suspend farmland purchases by foreigners for three years

Romania may suspend farmland purchases by foreign individuals and companies for a period of three years if a draft law currently debated in the Parliament is approved. The new bill aims to set stri...

Romania | 26 April 2016
Romania mulls curbs on foreigners buying farmland

Foreigners buying up farmland remains a worry in Romania. Under a new law proposal, EU citizens and companies will only be able to buy agricultural land there if 90 per cent of their employees are Rom...

Romania | 25 November 2014
Land grabbing, still a huge problem in Eastern Europe

The EU is currently witnessing a massive land grab, which has a direct impact on 25 million of its citizens, changing the way lands are being managed and how food is being produced, writes Attila Szoc...

Romania | 28 August 2014
Bluetongue confirmed in cattle, sheep in Romania

The bluetongue disease, an infectious disease which affects cattle and sheep, was confirmed in seven villages in Buzau county, south-east of Romania, according to county prefect Maria Buleandra, repor...

Romania | 16 May 2014
Romania urged to stop farmland sale to foreigners

Romania's farmer associations Thursday called on the government to initiate efforts to stop the farmland sale to foreigners. "Over one million (hectares) have already been sold to foreigners, and o...

Romania | 11 April 2014
US agricultural company buys 6,000 hectares of Romanian land

A subsidiary of American company Anholt Services called Southern Harvest has bought up 6,000 hectares of agricultural land in Romania in two separate transactions. The terms of the transaction and ...

Romania | 28 October 2013
Romanian farmers choose subsistence over shale gas

The small hilly town of Pungesti in eastern Romania could be sitting on vast reserves of shale gas and U.S. energy major Chevron wants to find it. But the people of Pungesti want nothing to do wit...

Romania | 7 October 2013
Romanian agriculture: from harvest to hardest

In mid-September, The Diplomat-Bucharest organized the Romanian Agribusiness Forum 2013, the third such annual conference, with the support of the US Embassy's Foreign Agricultural Service and the Emb...

Romania | 20 May 2013
Romania’s agricultural potential needs long-term strategy

Romania’s agricultural potential, more often than not unexploited, needs a long-terms strategy. This is one of the conclusions of a recent conference in Bucharest that brought together authorities, ex...

Romania | 19 March 2013
Romania should have 'great' agriculture in 2013

Romania should have a good, if not great, agricultural year in 2013, according to the first official predictions, which is expected to translate into cereal production of between 18 and 19 million ton...

Romania | 21 February 2013
Romania finds horsemeat in beef batch

Horsemeat labeled as beef has been found in Romania in products set to be sold locally, an agriculture ministry official said on Wednesday. A scandal which has triggered recalls of ready-made meals...

Romania | 16 October 2012
Romania to limit foreigners' access to agricultural land

Romania plans to impose strict conditions on foreigners buying agricultural land in order to protect local farmers and prevent speculation, Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin said Monday. The ...

Romania | 5 September 2012
Romania’s agriculture – a failed transition

Guest writer Stuart Meikle covers the evolution of Romania’s agriculture, which has been in transition for years, just like other countries in the region, and the likelihood of Romania’s success withi...

Romania | 3 May 2012
Seed money cultivates Romania agriculture

After a period in which financing for Romanian agriculture hardly existed and most banks saw it as a risky sector, in recent years things have changed and lending in this segment has spectacularly spr...

Romania | 22 August 2011
Romania wheat production rose 23%

Romania’s wheat harvest increased 23 percent to 7.12 million metric tons this year on favorable weather that boosted grain quality, Agriculture Minister Valeriu Tabara said.

Romania | 2 August 2011
Slaughtering the sacred cows of Romanian agriculture

What do Romanian agriculture, tourism and football have in common? Firstly, every Romanian male of voting age is an expert in these areas.

Romania | 31 May 2011
Romanian agriculture is 'inefficient'

The infrastructure and the agriculture are the sectors for which Romania should attract investments and establish public-private partnerships...

Romania | 3 May 2011
Romania's wheat exports dimish

Romania’s wheat exports diminished to 53 kmt in January, after having gradually decreased from 682 kmt in August.

Romania | 8 April 2011
Romania's first post-communist agri minister dies

Victor Surdu, Romania’s first post-communist agriculture minister who remained in politics until his death has died. He was 63.

Romania | 17 March 2011
Romanias poultry consumption on the rise

Poultry consumption is just 18 kg per head so there is a real opportunity for the poultry industry...

Romania | 26 February 2011
State intervention in wheat market 'unlikely'

The government has the ability to intervene in the wheat market in this moment, but it would not be appropriated since there are still possibilities for imports from foreign markets...

Romania | 17 February 2011
Romania honey production falls

Romania exported, during the period January 1 to November 30, 2010, a quantity of 10,375 tons of natural honey, a rise by over 600 tons compared to the same period in 2009...

Romania | 9 February 2011
Cargill buys biggest silos in Romania

American giant Cargill, one of the leading players on the Romanian agriculture market, with operations in oil production and grain trade, has acquired a grain silo...

Romania | 3 February 2011
Romania needs to import 500k tns wheat

Romania is facing no problem till the new wheat crop...

Romania | 1 February 2011
Romania might import 0.5m tonnes of wheat

Romania will import some 0.4-0.5mn milling wheat by the middle of the year, but no food shortage is expected...

Romania | 17 December 2010
Romania aids Moldova agriculture

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said on December 17 2010 that Romania has provided it with more than $500 000 to aid its neighbour Moldova...

Romania | 14 December 2010
Romania may get $486m WB payment in Jan

Romania may receive a 360 million- euro ($485 million) loan payment from the World Bank in January if a high court upholds changes to the pension system that include raising the retirement age...

Romania | 7 December 2010
Romania loses 330mln euros a year from unfarmed land

Romania loses some 330 million euros a year because three million hectares of land is not farmed, said Daniel Botanoiu, the executive director of the Romanian Agricultural Producers National Federatio...

Romania | 6 December 2010
Romania's wheat crop totalled 5.72 mmt in 2010

Romania’s wheat crop totalled 5.72 mmt in 2010, short of earlier estimates, the Agriculture Ministry said.

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