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Rwanda | 5 September 2018
The untapped potential of rabbit farming in Rwanda

27-year-old university graduate Eric Manirakiza’s rabbits increased from 100 in 2016 to 2,900 currently as his entreprise has been steadily growing. But recently, he was unable to supply a 15 tonne-ra...

Rwanda | 29 June 2018
Rwanda launches agriculture program to enhance food security

Rwanda on Thursday unveiled a six-year agriculture strategic plan that seeks to support the country's efforts to achieve food and nutrition security. The country will focus more on investing in exp...

Rwanda | 2 January 2018
2017 in review: Agriculture defied armyworms, drought to grow by 8%

After a period of slow growth, agricultural production grew by 8 per cent in 2017. President Kagame, in his State of the Nation address in December, said such performance was realised despite chall...

Rwanda | 7 November 2017
How commercial agriculture has transformed Nyagatare farmers

About three years ago, it was hard for farmers in Kagitumba, Nyagatare District to get seeds on time and at affordable prices. This situation often resulted into poor yields and low household incomes....

Rwanda | 31 October 2017
Agriculture experts seek to develop drought & disease-resistant crops

Developing drought- and disease-resistant crops is vital amid concerns of growing effects of climate change on food security on the African continent, agriculture experts said in Kigali on Monday. ...

Rwanda | 14 September 2017
Rwanda urged to fix mismatch between trade and agriculture policies

There is a mismatch between trade and agriculture sectors in Rwanda which affects agricultural productivity and trade, an FAO report released on Wednesday said. The report on Coordination between A...

Rwanda | 13 March 2017
Rwanda: Rwf38 billion World Bank loan to support agriculture

Agri-productivity could improve thanks to a new World Bank Group's credit line. The Government of Rwanda and World Bank Group yesterday signed a $46 million (approx. Rwf38 billion) loan to support ...

Rwanda | 25 January 2017
Rwandan youths urged to embrace modern Agriculture

Rwandan Youth has been urged to embrace modern farming methods to improve production and expand their enterprises. Entrepreneurs under the Rwanda Youth Agribusiness Forum were challenged to adopt t...

Rwanda | 9 January 2017
Rwanda's dairy industry to get boost from Jersey

A new programme aimed at helping the dairy industry in Rwanda has been set up by Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA). The two-year project will see thousands of straws of Jersey bull semen transferred to Rwa...

Rwanda | 26 June 2014
Rwanda: Musanze Prioritises Infrastructure, Agriculture in Rwf12.3 Billion Budget

The Musanze District Advisory Council has passed a Rwf12.3bn budget for the financial year 2014/15 with priority given to infrastructure and agriculture. The Council chairperson, Raphael Rurangwa, ...

Rwanda | 2 January 2014
Experts Call for Mechanisation to Spur Agriculture Production

Rwanda should embrace agriculture mechanisation and other innovative technologies to ensure sustainable food production, agro-economists have advised. They say encouraging farmers to adopt irrigati...

Rwanda | 25 June 2012
Rain-dependent agriculture a waste of time and money

Only about two months ago, heavy rains pounded the East African region with intensity and in some places even caused flooding. Here in Rwanda, floods swept away homes, crops and temporarily displac...

Rwanda | 21 June 2012
Rwanda: Country, Israel to Bolster Agriculture Cooperation

Rwanda and Israel are set to enter into a joint partnership to strengthen cooperation in agriculture and rural development, according to officials from both countries. Orit Noked, Israel's Minister...

Rwanda | 15 March 2012
Cattle keepers lose to disease

Cattle keepers in Kigali have lost stock worth Rwf 167 million to Brucellosis, a cattle disease caused by the brucella abortus bacteria which leads to miscarriages in the animals.

Rwanda | 21 December 2011
Rwanda calls for investment in beef cattle

Rwanda is calling for the private sector to take advantage of the rapidly increasing demand for beef and invest in massive beef cattle...

Rwanda | 4 January 2011
Modern Farming Has Increased Milk Production

The wide spread availability of hybrid cows has drastically increased milk production in the districts of Nyagatare, Gatsibo and Kayonza.

Rwanda | 12 December 2010
Rwanda records surplus harvest, 8.2 pc growth

Rwanda has recorded a surplus in food production due to heavy government investment in fertilisers, improved seeds and extension services.

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