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Swaziland | 28 August 2014
Swaziland is moving towards commercial farming

In a major effort to revitalize agriculture here, the government, the European Union and FAO have helped over 20,000 smallholder farmers produce more, higher-quality food and connect with new markets....

Swaziland | 8 June 2012
Livestock stolen at Ndunayithini

Livestock valued at over E300 000 has been stolen from different farmers at Ndunayithini in Lavumisa between January and May this year. The total number of reported cases stands at 35. Commissioner...

Swaziland | 31 May 2012
Price of maize up by 100%

The price of maize has increased by 100% for the year 2012 until further notice. Minister of Agriculture Clement Dlamini advised all farmers in the country that the price of good quality maize woul...

Swaziland | 31 May 2012
Rotten eggs deal worries senators

Senators asked Minister of Commerce Industry and Trade Jabulile Mashwama along with her Agriculture counterpart Clement Dlamini to investigate allegations of a merger or acquisition Eagle’s Nest...

Swaziland | 24 April 2012
Cotton price increases by 25 cents per kilo

The ministry of agriculture has announced an increase in the price of Grade 1 cotton from E4.90 to E5.15 per kilogram. Making the announcement during a press conference yesterday, Minister of Agricult...

Swaziland | 23 April 2012
Farmers urged to take up EU grant

The Swaziland National Agriculture Union (SNAU) is encouraging local sugar cane farmers to take advantage of an opportunity to heftily benefit from the European Union’s about E234 million (€19.5...

Swaziland | 12 January 2012
MP’s wife cleared of chicken theft charges

Beauty Mahlalela, wife of Lomahasha Member of Parliament Meninjeni, left court smiling on Tuesday after she was cleared of a chicken theft charge.

Swaziland | 24 November 2011
Old man beaten for straying cattle

AN old man was severely assaulted by Egongolweni Bucopho under Sandleni constituency. Vakomu Dlamini, an ex-soldier, is accused of assaulting Malindane Fakudze (58)...

Swaziland | 23 November 2011
Escaped from the jaws of a hippo

Dominique Nobela of Nkambeni was on duty patrolling sugar cane fields last Friday when he was gored at least three times by the hippo.

Swaziland | 2 August 2011
Policies for investment in agriculture needed

World Trade Organisation (WTO) Director of Agriculture and Commodities Division Clement Boonekamp says the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA) must formulate policies that will attract inv...

Swaziland | 22 February 2011
‘I was fined for cattle yet I have none’

Maria Ndzimandze, a widow, was ordered to pay a fine of E60 for not taking cattle to a dip tank yet she does not own any.

Swaziland | 10 February 2011
SD failing to meet EU beef quota

Swaziland is failing to meet the European Union (EU) beef quota. Minister of Agriculture Clement Dlamini said they were working to increase the production of beef...

Swaziland | 7 January 2011
Deluge leaves farmers with weed-infested fields

Heavy rain since November 2010 has ensured crops in the traditionally dry parts of food-insecure Swaziland have enough water...

Swaziland | 16 December 2010
3m farmers targeted for conservation agriculture

Ngwenya further revealed that under the climate change programme driven by COMESA the target was to have three million farmers practicing conservation agriculture by 2012.

Swaziland | 30 November 2010
8 cattle swept away by floods

Twenty-seven homesteads of Mtsambama Inkhundla in the Shiselweni region were damaged by the sadistic storm that hit the country last week.

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