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Switzerland | 26 November 2018
Farmer has Swiss on horns of dilemma

A Swiss dairy farmer has become a national hero after inspiring a referendum to stop farmers removing the horns of their cows. Armin Capaul, 67, known as the “horned cow rebel”, claims that the pro...

Switzerland | 18 October 2018
Space farming: using plant hormones in space

A new paper has reviewed the use of plant hormones, as a tool for space farming so that food can be produced in extra-terrestrial environments. Plant biologists at the University of Zurich have sho...

Switzerland | 24 September 2018
Swiss voters reject more aid for farmers

Swiss voters decisively rejected more help for farmers in two referendums on Sunday, heeding the government’s warnings that the measures would send food prices rocketing and hurt the economy, projecti...

Switzerland | 23 September 2018
Switzerland considers tighter rules on sustainable 'fair food'

Swiss voters are casting their ballots in not one, but two votes which campaigners say will promote ethical and sustainable food. The votes follow scandals in the last few years over horse meat in ...

Switzerland | 10 August 2018
Five Swiss cantons to extend pilot scheme to offer jobs in agriculture to refugees

The trial phase launched in 2015 saw 30 refugees or people on short term visas trained and employed in farming jobs in the last three years. The project was largely deemed successful by its evaluators...

Switzerland | 15 June 2018
Campaign launched to abolish factory farming in Switzerland

Animal rights groups and environmental organisations have joined forces to launch a campaign to end factory farming in Switzerland. Think thank Sentience Politics is one of the groups behind the 'N...

Switzerland | 10 April 2018
Future of farming at risk, says farmers’ association president

The president of Switzerland’s main farmers’ group has said that if agricultural operations continue to close down at the current rate, Swiss farmers will no longer be able to fulfil their constitutio...

Switzerland | 21 February 2018
Swiss Minister meets agriculture to smooth Mercosur trade deal

Economic Affairs Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann wants to speed up a free trade agreement between Switzerland and the Latin American countries of Mercosur, but there is concern in the agricultural se...

Switzerland | 29 January 2018
MPEDA ropes in Swiss company for organic aqua-farming

The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) has tied with a Swiss firm to develop organic aqua farming to help meet the growing demand for organic seafood from Europe. A Jayathilak, C...

Switzerland | 25 January 2018
Switzerland's farmers become landscape gardeners

UK farmers will no longer receive subsidies after Brexit but instead get payments for "public goods" such as planting meadows and boosting access to the countryside under proposals from Environment Se...

Switzerland | 19 January 2018
Switzerland: Anti-pesticide farm initiative passes signature stage

Campaigners have handed in 114,420 signatures by Swiss citizens in favour of the “Clean Drinking Water and Healthy Food" initiative, which aims to cut direct subsidies to farmers who use pesticides or...

Switzerland | 24 November 2017
From farm to table – preparing Thanksgiving turkeys in Switzerland

More and more turkeys are ending up on festive dinner tables in Switzerland. visits Bühlhof farm in central Switzerland, where the animals are free-range and slaughtered by hand. Over...

Switzerland | 14 November 2017
In ten years, Swiss agriculture reduces antibiotics usage by half

The use of antibiotics in the Swiss agriculture sector has been cut down by almost half over the past decade, claims the Swiss Farmers’ Union (SFU). Although work remains to be done, they called Monda...

Switzerland | 22 October 2017
The privileges of being a farmer in Switzerland

No other profession in Switzerland has such a strong political lobby. And it pays off. The agricultural sector is protected through import restrictions and state subsidies, and farmers receive a numbe...

Switzerland | 29 August 2017
The agriculture chief sowing Swiss expertise in China

From his headquarters in Basel, the agri-tech chief executive discusses bees, pesticides and takeovers with Clive Cookson. Bees brought me to Basel. Erik Fyrwald, chief executive of Syngenta, the S...

Switzerland | 7 July 2017
How cats and cows protect farm children from asthma

It is a known fact that microbes on farms protect children from asthma and allergies. But even non-microbial molecules can have a protective effect: Immunologists from the University of Zurich have sh...

Switzerland | 24 May 2016
This startup is changing farming with drones and AI

It’s a hot trend for startups, ag giants and investors alike. Feeding a planet with nine billion people by 2050 will be a major challenge. But tech companies are increasingly looking to sell soluti...

Switzerland | 24 August 2015
Swiss army completes 31-day mission to save thirsty cows

The Swiss army has successfully completed a 31-day mission to save cows from dying of thirst in parched alpine pastures. The military launched a huge rescue operation after a period of extremely ho...

Switzerland | 21 March 2013
Parliament subsidises land use over livestock

In a move overhauling the current farm subsidy system, parliament has decided to tie farm payments to more environmentally friendly and efficient agricultural production methods. Following several ...

Switzerland | 1 March 2013
Switzerland creates test site for GM crops

The Swiss government will create a permanently protected area on federal land for experiments with genetically modified (GM) crops. The goal is to enable researchers to run experimental trials without...

Switzerland | 16 January 2013
Is the Swiss dairy farming system a model for Ireland?

Switzerland has a unique structure in its dairy industry due to state supports. So I was delighted when I got the opportunity to see it firsthand recently. Their dairy industry was protected from c...

Switzerland | 1 October 2012
New study distils the eco footprint of biofuels

The controversial debate over the sustainability of biofuels has been reignited by new research from Swiss-based research institute Empa. While the study maintains that biofuels can be sustainable dep...

Switzerland | 27 June 2012
Switzerland to increase its aid to fight rural poverty

Switzerland increases its support for the fight against poverty in rural areas of developing countries. On Wednesday 27 June 2012, the Federal Council decided to contribute CHF 28.5 million over the n...

Switzerland | 18 April 2012
Syngenta Q1 sales rise 7% to $4.3 billion

Syngenta the world’s largest agrochemicals company, said an early start to the US planting season helped it post a 7 per cent rise in first-quarter sales.

Switzerland | 6 January 2012
Nestle gets into contract coffee farming

Swiss consumer goods and dairy major Nestle today said it has got into contract farming for coffee in Karnataka...

Switzerland | 21 December 2011
Farmer fined for driving jeep into cow

A Swiss farmer has been fined after he was found guilty of driving his jeep into one his own cows.

Switzerland | 24 March 2011
Agriculture policy to boost production

Swiss agriculture is set to receive a boost with the government announcing financial support to the sector of SFr13.67 billion ($15.2 billion) between 2014 and 2017.

Switzerland | 30 December 2010
2010 a year to forget for Swiss farmers

A saturated milk market, low pork prices and a low vegetable crop all made 2010 a year to forget in farming.

Switzerland | 30 November 2010
UBS prioritises agriculture in new division

UBS said it would make agriculture a top priority as it relaunches its global commodities business, an area that the Swiss bank all but abandoned after the financial crisis in 2008.

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