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Turkey | 25 September 2018
Thousands of children work on farms in Turkey instead of going to school

Thousands of children of farm laborers are working in the fields in the Siverek district of the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa picking cotton instead of going to school. This year, cotton picki...

Turkey | 3 July 2018
Turkey provides agricultural support to South Sudan

The Turkish state development aid agency has donated 30 tons of seeds and agricultural equipment to farmers in South Sudan, the agency said on Monday. The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agenc...

Turkey | 30 March 2018
Turkey supports agriculture in freed Syria cities

Turkey aims to revive agriculture and livestock breeding in Syrian cities liberated from terrorists by the Turkish military-led operation. In Jarablus and Al-Bab, Turkish officials vaccinated anima...

Turkey | 14 March 2018
Turkish Agriculture Ministry may bid for some privatised sugar plants

The Agriculture and Livestock Ministry may bid to buy some of the sugar plants currently slated for privatization, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba said on March 12. “If we ...

Turkey | 21 February 2018
Expansive support package for Turkish agriculture aims to reduce imports

Turkey's goal to become one of the 10-largest global economies has led to the launch of a new set of programs for industry and agriculture. Recently, the government has taken major steps to improve li...

Turkey | 23 November 2017
Turkey farmers facing squeeze after Trump kills agriculture rules

Ike Horst raises 22,000 turkeys a year on his farm in the rolling hills of south-central Pennsylvania, selling them to a processing company that was providing him with enough of a nest egg that he hop...

Turkey | 5 October 2017
Cooperation agreement between Turkey and Somalia in agriculture

Food, agriculture and Livestock Minister Ahmet Ashraf Fakıbaba, held in Ministry “Reconciliation Zapti signature ceremony of cooperation between Turkey and Somalia in field of agriculture” attended. ...

Turkey | 29 April 2017
Turkey inks agriculture deals with six African countries

Turkey and six African countries signed cooperation deals in agriculture, fisheries and livestock in the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya on April 28. Speaking at the signing ceremony, ...

Turkey | 26 April 2017
Turkey to host agriculture forum with African ministers

The Turkey-Africa First Agriculture Ministers Meeting and Agribusiness Forum will be held in the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya on Thursday and Friday. The two-day event -- organized by t...

Turkey | 14 June 2016
Fears ease for farmers as Turkey to import Irish cattle

Beef farmers have been offered a lifeline with the news that Turkey has given the green light to live cattle imports from Ireland. The announcement comes when Irish beef farmers were fearing the wo...

Turkey | 17 February 2015
Turkey risks beef shortage in coming six months

Consumers are increasingly bearing the cost of beef producers’ inability to get hold of breeding cattle, with a TL 1-2 increase in retail price in the last month alone. The TL 36.70 retail price of ca...

Turkey | 13 June 2013
Allan Barber visits Turkey and finds a unique agricultural sector

Three and a half weeks in Turkey, most of the time outside Istanbul, have provided many revelations about the people, the country and not least about its agricultural production. Turkey, or to be m...

Turkey | 18 March 2013
Turkey, Europe's biggest in agriculture

Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said that Turkey ranked the first in Europe and seventh in the world in the aspect of agricultural growth.

Turkey | 28 January 2013
Turkey to invest in Punjab livestock sector

Turkey will invest in livestock sector in Punjab to meet global requirement of Halal products. This was stated by a three-member delegation of Turkish Firm Aytac Food, headed by Chairman Dorsum Uya...

Turkey | 16 July 2012
Turkey privatisation of key sectors expected

Turkey will receive a fresh infusion cash with the expected privatization of several key sectors, including the state's oil and gas pipeline firm and postal service. Four strategic state-run compan...

Turkey | 27 June 2012
Turkey, Bosnia sign agriculture accord

Turkey and Bosnia signed an “Agriculture and Rural Development Partnership” agreement yesterday in Ankara. The agreement was signed by Turkey’s Agriculture Minister Mehdi Eker and Bosnia’s Foreign Tra...

Turkey | 21 June 2012
Turkey's Tekfen to invest $232 mln in agriculture unit Toros

Turkish conglomerate Tekfen Holding said on Thursday that it will invest $232 million in its agriculture unit Toros Tarim. Tekfen plans to build a new sulphuric acid facility and improve its curren...

Turkey | 15 June 2012
A bad yolk? Turkish eggs may pose health risk

"Fresh farm eggs" proclaim the labels on egg cartons. Tnuva egg cartons, for example, show a hen standing on a green patch with a nearby blue tractor hinting at the blue and white - therefore local - ...

Turkey | 28 March 2012
Turkey keen to buy Indian wheat

After Iran, India finds yet another wheat market in Turkey. The West Asian country has shown interest in importing wheat...

Turkey | 24 October 2011
Turkish agri minister gives training to Somalis

Turkish Agriculture Ministry will give training on several matters to Somali people.

Turkey | 23 May 2011
Turkey announces crop protection regulation

A new regulation will seek to monitor whether licensed crop protection products are indeed fulfilling the standards demanded by authorities, Turkey’s Agriculture Ministry has said.

Turkey | 13 March 2011
Farmers happy with the carrot yield

Carrot cultivation areas are gradually expanding in the Mediterranean province of Hatay...

Turkey | 20 February 2011
Turkey bans bluetongue cattle imports

Turkey introduced an import ban on Austrian cattle last week after bluetongue, a viral disease that infects cows and sheep, was detected in a sample from a selection of Austrian cows.

Turkey | 31 January 2011
Feed producers get permission for GM content

The Turkish Animal Feed Producers’ Union, or TÜRKİYEM-BİR, has announced that it acquired the Biosafety Commission’s permission to use three types of genetically modified, or GM,...

Turkey | 17 January 2011
Turkish agriculture sectors grew in 2010

Agricultural exporters’ unions in the southern province of Antalya are hoping to continue expansion in 2011 following impressive growth numbers last year.

Turkey | 3 January 2011
Cotton output grows, imports to fall

The Antalya region, now, gears up to raise its cotton production considerably after several years of importing cotton.

Turkey | 27 December 2010
Agriculture Minister to hire 2,500 experts

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister Mehdi Eker has said his ministry will hire 2,500 specialists to be employed in villages around the country where farming...

Turkey | 28 November 2010
Turkish bill bans Israelis from buying land

A bill being formulated in Turkey stipulates that Israelis will no longer be able to buy land in the country, though they will be able to continue renting apartments, the Turkish Milliyet reported Sun...

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