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United Arab Emirates | 28 July 2014
Demand for Eid livestock causes prices to rise

A livestock shortage has caused prices to skyrocket at the Animal Market in Mina Zayed. As animal traders have faced supply shortages for about four months, this has led to price increases and hamp...

United Arab Emirates | 21 July 2014
Serbian village raises complaint about UAE purchase of farmland

Farmers in Kula, Serbia have made formal complaints about an Abu Dhabi company, Al Rawafed Agriculture, which is trying to acquire land. The majority of residents from the village of Sivac in Kula ...

United Arab Emirates | 12 May 2014
More Emiratis take up farming but water is a hurdle

While driving through an elevated road to a farm in Remah area in Al Ain, a beautiful green valley appears on the right. “These all are farms,” says Adel Salem Al Saeedi, an Emirati agricultural of...

United Arab Emirates | 15 July 2013
Research centre to help Abu Dhabi farmers boost crops

Farmers will be able to discover the latest techniques to help increase their crops at a new research centre due to be up and running by next year. The Baniyas Centre for Agricultural Research, set...

United Arab Emirates | 1 May 2013
UAE minister calls for overhaul of agriculture investment rules

Global rules for investment in agriculture need to be overhauled, Sultan Al Mansouri, the UAE Minister of Economy, said yesterday, as signs emerge of rising barriers to the flow of investment around t...

United Arab Emirates | 19 April 2013
What the UAE needs from Africa in order to invest in agriculture

Food security is a problem for many regions around the world, including the Middle East. The World Bank estimates that 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land is in Africa, placing the continent’s...

United Arab Emirates | 12 April 2013
Dubai beef cleared in new meat scare

Beef products sold in Dubai are free from horse meat contamination, the emirate's food authority said yesterday. The announcement came after Dutch food safety authorities said they were recalling t...

United Arab Emirates | 12 February 2013
First Middle Eastern country to export dairy to EU

The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP), producer of the leading camel milk products 'Camelicious', announced that the UAE and Dubai have received final approval from the European Comm...

United Arab Emirates | 3 April 2012
Farmers urged to grow crops on the roof

Greenhouses could soon be a thing of the past for farmers. Instead, crops will be grown on the roofs of office blocks and in vertical stacks, say agriculture experts.

United Arab Emirates | 3 April 2012
Animal disease could spread to humans

A potentially crippling disease that can, in some instances, spread to humans has been found in farm animals and endangered species in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates | 6 February 2012
Middle East abattoirs improving welfare standards

Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig is not ruling out an extension to deadlines for the roll out of animal welfare standards in Middle East live export markets.

United Arab Emirates | 26 September 2011
Abu Dhabi targets 40% fruit market share

The Abu Dhabi Farmer’s Services Centre (ADFSC) targets to achieve a 40 per cent presence of locally-produced fruits and vegetables in the markets of the Emirate by 2015 and reduce 40 per cent wa...

United Arab Emirates | 3 May 2011
Solutions to saltier soil at seed bank

It is cold, very cold, inside the seed bank at the International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture outside Dubai.

United Arab Emirates | 21 December 2010
Animal tagging to improve meat

Abu Dhabi Residents of Abu Dhabi can expect better quality locally produced meat and milk now...

United Arab Emirates | 8 December 2010
Abu Dhabi meet to focus on better global food safety

Abu Dhabi People worldwide can expect a better mechanism to deal with global food safety emergencies as experts from 177 countries are meeting next week in Abu Dhabi to enhance coordination in this re...

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