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Uruguay | 8 December 2016
New science partnership to help Uruguayan agriculture

A new relationship has been created between AgResearch and other crucial science organizations, and it is looking to benefit New Zealand. According to Chief Executive Tom Richardson the relationship s...

Uruguay | 20 January 2016
Uruguayan dairy farmers protest over non-payment from Venezuela

Uruguayan dairy farmers demonstrated and blocked roads on Tuesday over $85 million they say is owed to them by crisis-stricken Venezuela, in part blaming their own government in Montevideo for the non...

Uruguay | 25 December 2014
Little Uruguay has big plans for smart agriculture

Uruguay, a country of 3.3 million inhabitants and four times as many cows, hopes to feed 50 million people thanks to drones, "smart" combines and other high-tech farming techniques. At a farm a two...

Uruguay | 27 November 2014
Uruguay's world first in cattle farming

Uruguay is sometimes described as "one big farm". It's a country, albeit a small one, where cattle outnumber people by four to one and farming is the most important part of the economy. Like their ...

Uruguay | 20 August 2014
Cattle rustling an everyday issue in Uruguay, claim farmers

“This criminal activity discourages farmers” said Echeverria and mentioned several recent cases, usually close to towns, but which do not get much media coverage since they involve small numbers of li...

Uruguay | 16 May 2014
El Nino's threat to major food crop yields

El Nino events can have a significant impact on the yields of certain major food crops, a study has shown. Researchers say the climatic phenomenon, which triggers changes in temperature and rainfal...

Uruguay | 3 May 2013
Uruguay promotes irrigation investment to lift agriculture

The Uruguayan government recently welcomed a team of World Bank experts to tour the country as part of a program to promote irrigation investment. Agriculture minister Tabaré Aguerre told the deleg...

Uruguay | 7 January 2011
Uruguay's Drought Is Worsening

A drought that has plagued northern Uruguay since last month is getting worse and looks likely spread to other parts of the South American country.

Uruguay | 24 December 2010
Agriculture emergency due to drought

Uruguay has declared an "agriculture state of emergency" because of the drought situation to the north of the country.

Uruguay | 29 November 2010
Farmers laud delegation to Uruguay conference

Farmers from various areas in the north expressed their appreciation to the Philippine delegation to a global assembly in Uruguay for raising their concerns against some provisions that may directly a...

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