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Venezuela | 27 July 2016
Venezuela to reassign private, public workers to agriculture sector

Venezuela on Tuesday said private and public companies will be obliged to let their workers be reassigned to grow crops, in a dramatic move in the middle of the country's crippling economic crisis. ...

Venezuela | 30 January 2012
Chavez threatens to seize bank for ag loans

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to take over the country’s banks if they don’t hand over 40 billion bolivars ($9.31 billion) for agriculture loans this year.

Venezuela | 13 June 2011
Venezuela wildlife conservation sees mixed results

Young crocodiles cry plaintively for their mother as they are hooked in a trap and pulled, splashing franticly, from the water.

Venezuela | 5 December 2010
Venezuela food sovereignty project launched

"Nature is our home and is the system of which we form a part, and therefore it has infinite value, but it does not have a price and is not for sale" said a November 3-5 meeting of the Bolivarian Alli...

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