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Bolivia | 15 June 2018
Farming underground in Bolivia in a fight against climate change

The Andean Plateau or the Altiplano, is one of the largest and highest plateaus in the world. In order to protect their crops from drought, flash floods and increasing temperatures, Bolivian farmers a...

Bolivia | 10 February 2014
Flooding devastates Bolivian farmland

Flooding has killed 40 people and displaced about 50,000 families in Bolivia during four months of heavy seasonal rains. Around 17,000 hectares of prime agricultural land has also been flooded and ...

Bolivia | 14 October 2013
How Bolivian farmers made the world crave Quinoa

On a recent trip to Bolivia, I traveled by helicopter with President Evo Morales to Santa Ana de Chipaya, a settlement almost 13,000 feet (3,960 meters) above sea level that is home to the last 3,800 ...

Bolivia | 16 August 2013
Coca farmers 'poison own crops'

Something is killing off Bolivia's coca crops - and for once it's not the eradication schemes that target drug suppliers.

Bolivia | 20 February 2013
Boom in quinoa demand stresses Bolivia highlands

The growing global demand for quinoa by health food enthusiasts isn't just raising prices for the Andean "super grain" and living standards among Bolivian farmers. Quinoa fever is running up against p...

Bolivia | 11 July 2012
Bolivia to revoke license from Canadian miner

Bolivia's leftist president said on Tuesday he would revoke a mining concession from Canada's South American Silver Corp and give the state control of the site due to violent protests over the company...

Bolivia | 24 February 2012
Coca farmers fly across valleys on zip lines

The precarious steel wire used to carry hauls of coca leaves stretches across a 650ft high perilous valley in Bolivia and is held together with pieces of string.

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