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Afghanistan | 17 April 2018
Afghanistan: Ex-agriculture official gets sent to jail for 5 years

The Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center (ACJC)’s primary court in on Monday sentenced a former agriculture development fund employee to five years in jail with a 28 million afghanis fine over forg...

Afghanistan | 26 October 2017
Insecurity negatively impacts agriculture in villages

Insecurity and the conflict have a negative impact on the agriculture in villages where production has affected. These views were expressed by government officials and labor representatives on the ...

Afghanistan | 20 October 2017
Agriculture fair held in Afghanistan to promote production, investment

Hundreds of people have visited the agriculture fair held at Badam Bagh, the biggest agricultural products and handicrafts farm in the Afghan capital. The farm, with non-asphalted pathways and side...

Afghanistan | 22 April 2013
U.S. Soldiers coach Afghan Farmers for superior harvest

Khowst Province, Afghanistan – While some Coalition Force units build up the Afghan National Security Forces others have a different mission within the area of operations. Soldiers assigned to 5-19...

Afghanistan | 22 October 2012
Cattle smuggling to Afghanistan goes on despite ban

Following the order of Peshawar High Court regarding stopping cattle smuggling to Afghanistan, the government has controlled the cattle smuggling to Afghanistan, which greatly contributed to the stabi...

Afghanistan | 8 April 2012
Poppy farming days are numbered in Helmand

A patrol leader with the Afghan Uniformed Police here said his message against growing poppy is reaching farmers. In return, farmers are sealing their compliance with handshakes and understanding.

Afghanistan | 1 March 2012
Harsh winter gives hope to Afghan farmers

Afghanistan’s harshest winter in two decades has killed dozens of people, but heavy snow has brought prospects of an end to drought and bumper crops for farmers - including those in the opium tr...

Afghanistan | 24 January 2012
Efforts to stamp out opium are failing

For a symbol of how America’s decade-long war is going in faraway Afghanistan, look at the beautiful fields of red poppies flowering so bountifully there.

Afghanistan | 15 December 2011
Afghan agricultural extension key to stability

The University of California, Davis, has received $14 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to lead a consortium of universities that will help Afghanistan strengthen...

Afghanistan | 10 November 2011
Kansas farmer finds niche in rural Afghanistan

Looking to the symbol of the National Guard, we see a Revolutionary War soldier, musket in hand, standing beside a farm plow.

Afghanistan | 13 January 2011
Switch opium for pomegranates

A Swindon entrepreneur is waiting to hear whether his plan to replace Afghanistan’s opium crop with pomegranate trees will be backed by President Hamid Karzai.

Afghanistan | 8 December 2010
Afghanistan seeks Indian technology for its own green revolution

Hoping to bring about a green revolution in their country after the years of turmoil and war, Afghanistan farmers and agri-experts are looking forward to working with their Indian counterparts...

Afghanistan | 28 November 2010
More than 8,000 farmers receive seed in Wardak

More than 8,000 farmers in Wardak province in eastern Afghanistan have received wheat seeds from Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.

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