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Croatia | 23 January 2018
Mass imports 'destroying' Croatian agriculture

Mass imports 'destroying' Croatian agriculture

Croatia | 17 January 2017
Croatia bans outdoor poultry after bird flu detected

Croatia banned outdoor poultry on Monday and started culling ducks and hens on a farm near the capital Zagreb where H5N8 bird flu was detected over the weekend. "The virus has probably come with mi...

Croatia | 3 October 2014
Farmland won't be forcefully consolidated, minister says

Agriculture Minister Tihomir Jakovina on Thursday resolutely dismissed fears that farmland would be consolidated forcefully and to the state's benefit. "There will be no repressive consolidation," ...

Croatia | 14 August 2013
EU stops import of live pigs and pork from Croatia

Export of live pigs, pork and meat products from Croatia, lasted only 14 days after the country became a member of the European Union, when it was stopped again as it was in the previous eight years, ...

Croatia | 17 May 2013
Croatia partner country at Serbian agriculture fair

Croatia will be the partner country at the 80th international agriculture fair in Novi Sad, Serbia which will feature more than 1,500 exhibitors from 60 countries, reporters were told in Novi Sad on T...

Croatia | 22 July 2011
Wheat farmers threaten with new protests

Croatian wheat farmers have threatened with new protests unless they receive 1.60 kunas (0.22 Euros) per kilogramme of crops.

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