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Cyprus | 12 November 2018
Cypriot farmers struggle to meet demand for halloumi

It’s on restaurant menus from London to New York and has become a barbecue favourite far and wide. But, on the Mediterranean island where it has been made since medieval times, halloumi’s unprecede...

Cyprus | 24 October 2017
Agricultural sector flourishing, says minister

The latest statistics suggest a bright future not just for Cyprus’ economy but also for the local primary economic sector, which shows annual leaps of growth, Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis said...

Cyprus | 23 December 2016
Cyprus and Syria will cooperate on agriculture issues

Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis had a meeting on Thursday with Syrian Ambassador to Cyprus Onfouan Naeb. The Syrian Ambassador said that there is not proper management of natural resources in ...

Cyprus | 23 December 2014
Cattle farmers will not pay CPC fine

Cattle farmers said yesterday a €2.1m fine imposed on them is unfair and they will refuse to pay, their association POA said yesterday. POA head Savvas Evangelou said: “We will appeal to the Suprem...

Cyprus | 18 August 2014
Russian embargo is ‘last nail in the coffin’ for farmers

Joe Public doesn’t really care about politics on an international scale, no matter how many petitions he shares on Facebook. Out of sight is most certainly out of mind and the majority of us are usual...

Cyprus | 17 June 2013
Livestock industry in tatters

A combination of increasing animal feed prices and stagnant livestock costs is having a significant impact on Cypriot farmers. The island’s long-established industry is in arguably the worst state ...

Cyprus | 6 December 2012
EU: farming puts huge pressure on water resources

The European Commission has identified a range of weaknesses in Cyprus’ water management, top among them the extent of pressure placed on the system by irrigation needs. As much as 70 per cent of a...

Cyprus | 10 August 2012
Cheese makers say no shortages expected

Cheese makers yesterday sought to assure consumers that no severe milk shortages would arise as a result of a recent intervention in the market by the competition watchdog. Earlier this week milk ...

Cyprus | 12 April 2011
Salmonella strain one of the more dangerous ones

The type of salmonella found in the faeces of birds on a poultry and egg-production farm, which has led to the slaughter of 8,000 chickens is one of the more dangerous strains...

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