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Denmark | 8 December 2018
Difficult times for Danish pig farmers

The mood in Danish pig farming has darkened, with both swine farmers and the supply chain seeing dwindling evidence of a bright future. So much became clear at the recent Svinekongres, a Danish Con...

Denmark | 10 August 2018
Danish agriculture loses millions to drought

While many people in Denmark have been grateful for the warm summer, farmers have suffered due to the long dry spell. With the country’s agricultural sector set see losses amounting to millions of ...

Denmark | 20 July 2018
Northern Europe's farmers struggle to weather extreme drought

Farmers on Europe’s northern edges have so far spent the summer staring at the sky, praying for rain. One of the worst droughts in recent memory has taken countries along the Baltic Sea by surprise...

Denmark | 8 June 2018
Drought could cost Danish agriculture sector billions

The ongoing heatwave may have many Danes gleefully flocking to the beaches and parks, but it’s not been a joyous occasion for the agriculture industry. In fact, the drought could cost the farmers b...

Denmark | 5 January 2018
Danish agriculture heading for the doldrums again

A number of economists are making dark predictions for the future of the Danish agricultural sector. Although most farmers made profits in 2017, the price of products such as pork and butter is alread...

Denmark | 21 July 2017
Denmark taking closer look at sow mortality

In recent years, pig farmers in Denmark have had a particular focus on reducing sow mortality, which is one reason that sow mortality has fallen from approximately 15.1% in 2008 to 11.4% in 2015. ...

Denmark | 13 July 2017
Danish farmers want new plan as wolves breed

The chairperson of Denmark’s agriculture council says farmers should be allowed to hunt wolves, with the animal breeding much faster than expected. Wolf litters are now so large that they are posin...

Denmark | 4 May 2017
Danish Crown offers farmer incentives to increase pig supply

Danish Crown is offering its existing members a cash growth supplement of DKK 0.50 per kg of additional pork supplied to increase the production of slaughter pigs. At the same time, a financial co...

Denmark | 7 April 2017
Organic farmland at record high in Denmark

More and more Danish farmers are turning to organic produce these days, and that is reflected in the amount of farmland in Denmark dedicated to organic farming. From 2015-2016 the amount of land us...

Denmark | 16 November 2016
Denmark orders poultry indoors due to bird flu threat

Denmark has ordered its poultry farmers to keep flocks indoors after bird flu was found in wild birds, the Nordic country's environment and food ministry said on Monday. The order will take effect ...

Denmark | 26 September 2016
Denmark and Malaysia signs agriculture deal

On 22 September Minister for Agriculture & Agro-based Industries, Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek and his Danish counterpart, Minister Esben Lunde Larsen, finally signed the Memorandum of Understanding ...

Denmark | 19 September 2016
The Silicon Valley for agriculture to be built in Denmark

We all need better food in our lives. Now Denmark is putting its stake in the ground and ploughing ahead with new ideas. It’s working with leading architects and is making investments in a maki...

Denmark | 15 June 2016
This Danish farmer converted 2,000 acres to organic farmland

Is good food responsible for Denmark ranking first on the U.N.’s World Happiness Report almost every year 2012? Copenhagen has more Michelin starred restaurants than any Scandinavian city, and their f...

Denmark | 28 April 2016
Denmark considers tax on beef

The price of porterhouse may soon get beefed up in Denmark-- if the small Scandinavian nation’s Council on Ethics has its way. The council, an independent body that advises the government, said thi...

Denmark | 1 September 2015
Danish dairy giant Arla Foods profits tumble

Global declines in milk prices have hit half-year profits at Danish dairy giant and co-operative Arla Foods, whose 13,500 farmer-owners include about 3,000 in the UK. The maker of Anchor and Lurpak...

Denmark | 29 June 2015
Denmark pledges to support Nigeria’s agriculture development

Denmark on Sunday pledged its readiness to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in the development of the nation’s agriculture sector. Mr Jacob Erikstrup, Minister Counsellor of the ...

Denmark | 8 May 2015
Denmark to invest billions to save ailing agriculture sector

The Danish government has decided to collect up to 10 billion kroner to help save the severely indebted agriculture sector, Politiken reports. The government has already allocated 2 billion kroner ...

Denmark | 6 November 2014
Danish farmers, hit by Russian ban, are a thorn in banks' side

Danish banks' rebounding profits could prove short-lived as tumbling agricultural prices and Russia's ban on European food imports threaten to spark more defaults among farmers who have borrowed billi...

Denmark | 13 November 2013
Denmark aims to increase its food exports to China

Denmark has signed a batch of agreements with China on supplying quality foods and strengthening food safety, Karen Hækkerup, the minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark, said in Beiji...

Denmark | 21 December 2012
Danish mink industry toasts a Chinese chill

While much of European industry is flatlining or worse, Denmark's mink industry is enjoying a bumper year, as fur is back in vogue and extreme weather in China and Russia is giving an extra boost to t...

Denmark | 19 June 2012
Denmark has pushed CAP reforms well

UK FARMING minister Jim Paice last night claimed that “significant progress” had been made under the Danish presidency in the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. Speaking as he left Copenhage...

Denmark | 2 August 2011
Pork giant weighs public sale

Pork and beef exporter Danish Crown could break from tradition and go public or court international investors in order to finance its future growth plan, says its board.

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