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Ethiopia | 2 August 2018
Women's cooperatives boost agriculture and savings in rural Ethiopia

Through women’s cooperatives, a joint UN programme provides training in agricultural techniques, improved seeds and time-saving machinery, while also granting loans and encouraging saving. In most ...

Ethiopia | 14 May 2018
Agriculture's potential to power growth highlighted in African Transformation Report

Key findings were shared by the report's authors with government officials, policy makers, analysts and business representatives. Their discussions reviewed how increasing agricultural productivity c...

Ethiopia | 8 February 2018
Agriculture 'offers little chance' of escaping poverty in Africa

The rate of rural households in developing African nations “descending into poverty exceeds the rate of those sustainably escaping it”, according to a recent report of the Overseas Development Institu...

Ethiopia | 12 December 2017
The way forward for agriculture in Africa

Africa, now home to a population of more than 1.2 billion which is expected to double by 2050, faces a mounting challenge of feeding its people, growing its economy, creating decent jobs and improving...

Ethiopia | 27 June 2017
Ethiopia warns above-average rainfall to impact crops

The Ethiopian Meteorology Agency on Monday warned farmers across the country over the prospect of above-average rainfall in the coming days which could affect crops. The announcement came amid Ethi...

Ethiopia | 2 June 2016
Boosting agriculture to advance economic progress - a daunting task

Obviously, agriculture is the mainstay of the nation's economy and 85 per cent of the population earn its living from the sector. It supplies food to the local market and also contributes 70 per cent ...

Ethiopia | 28 December 2015
Ethiopia: fixing agriculture

A charity song, “We Are the World,” written by US award-winning singers Lionel Richie and the late Michael Jackson, raised more than $60 million in 1985 for victims of the worst famine to hit the Horn...

Ethiopia | 6 August 2014
Ethiopia calls for climate smart agriculture in Africa

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn calls on African leaders to launch climate smart agricultural initiatives to combat effects of climate change that affect agricultural productivity. T...

Ethiopia | 25 July 2014
Health & agriculture development are key if African countries are to overcome poverty and grow

Health and agriculture development are key if African countries are to overcome poverty and grow, US software billionaire Bill Gates said Thursday, as he received an honourary degree in Ethiopia. "...

Ethiopia | 29 December 2013
Multinationals carving up Africa for food

A gold rush is happening in Ethiopia, but it's not a hunt for the yellow metal. It's a quest for the green gold of fertile farmland. A nation more associated with periodic famine and acute childhoo...

Ethiopia | 1 April 2013
Agriculture: the mainstay of Africa, says AU Official

Africa needs to bail out its agriculture sector much the same way that the European Union (EU) is bailing out the banking sector in the eurozone, says the head of the Department of the Rural Economy a...

Ethiopia | 9 November 2012
Climate change threat to Arabica coffee crops

Climate change could severely reduce the areas suitable for wild Arabica coffee before the end of the century. That is the conclusion of work by a UK-Ethiopian team published in the academic journa...

Ethiopia | 17 October 2012
Demand for wheat growing in Sub-Saharan African

Agricultural experts met in Ethiopia last week to discuss ways to help sub-Saharan Africa become a major producer of wheat. The area traditionally produced little wheat. Currently, maize - or corn ...

Ethiopia | 28 February 2012
Saudi plans $3.4bn investment in Ethiopia

Debra Group’s Chief Executive Officer Haile Assegide told Bloomberg that the company has already invested ETB 12 billion of a planned ETB 71 billion birr in agriculture and cement in the Horn of...

Ethiopia | 6 January 2012
Ethiopia to import US$1,5 billion fertliser

Ethiopia says it will next week open tenders for the importation of more than $1.5 billion worth of fertiliser for its agricultural season this year.

Ethiopia | 17 December 2010
Land grab fears

A controversial new farms policy has led to a political clampdown in a remote lowland region of Ethiopia, the BBC has been told.

Ethiopia | 2 December 2010
Ethiopia Approves Five-Year Growth Plan That Targets Farming

Ethiopia’s parliament approved a five- year economic plan today that targets growth of as much as 14.9 percent by expanding agriculture and boosting savings to fund investment.

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