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Finland | 21 August 2018
Finland wants to help its agriculture but no long-term consensus

Discussion about the ways of helping Finland's agriculture sector is heating up in the Nordic country, but there is no long-term consensus. While the plight of Finnish farmers in the wake of a reco...

Finland | 3 January 2018
Warm winter hampers agriculture, worsens water pollution in Finland

Unusually mild weather and heavy rains this winter have given Finnish environmental officials a sampling of what negative impact the warmer climate may have on agriculture and the water protection car...

Finland | 26 July 2016
Finnish dairy farmers worried about growing milk import from Baltics

Dairy farmers in Finland are worried about growing milk imports from the Baltic states, saying that political discussion has completely sidestepped the growth of milk production in Estonia, Latvia and...

Finland | 5 June 2015
Dairy company Valio to shed nearly 200 jobs

The Finnish dairy company Valio said Thursday that adjustment talks had resulted in a decision to reduce its workforce by a total of 326. Direct job cuts will affect roughly 200 workers, while in oth...

Finland | 2 July 2014
Tempers boil over in milk war between dairy giant and competition watchdog

A dispute over pricing practices by Finland’s largest dairy company Valio looks set to continue in the public domain, even after a ruling by the Market Court. On Tuesday Valio took offence at an op-ed...

Finland | 18 February 2011
73% of Finnish eggs come from caged systems

The majority of the eggs (73%) produced in Finland come from caged systems. This is according to 2010 figures...

Finland | 1 December 2010
Finnish farmers use creativity, not grapes, for wine

Can a near-Arctic island in a wind-scoured archipelago known for beer and herring produce drinkable wine without grapes?

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