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Haiti | 7 May 2013
Strengthening of the Haitian Agricultural Market Information System

As part of the bilateral cooperation, the Dominican Republic runs a plan to support the Republic of Haiti to strengthen the Haitian Agricultural Market Information System, in order to streamline the m...

Haiti | 2 May 2013
Workshop on cultivation and use of Moringa (Benzolive)

Tuesday at the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Sophia Martelly, the First Lady of Haiti, opened a workshop realized by the National Commission for the Fight against Hunger and Malnutrition, for the developme...

Haiti | 1 November 2012
Battered Haiti facing food shortages after Sandy destroyed crops

Humanitarian groups assessing the damage caused by the storm warned the island's population, still reeling from the disasters of the last two years, was at risk of hunger after the downpours destroyed...

Haiti | 5 December 2011
Grant will help Haiti’s agriculture

The World Bank is allocating $255 million for Haiti’s post-earthquake reconstruction over the next 12 months, including support for agriculture, education...

Haiti | 30 December 2010
Cholera threatens Haiti's rice harvest

Cholera fall-out is threatening a significant part of Haiti’s rice harvest as farmers fear that water irrigating their fields might be infected.