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Poultry Slaughterings UK Broilers

Average Liveweights at Point of Slaughter in England & Wales for Layers, Breeders, Broilers and Turkeys.Liveweights are in Kilogram, slaughterings are in millions of birds Poultry slaughterings and poultry meat production statistics are estimated from the number of chicks placed by hatcheries and day old chick imports using industry advice on life-spans and mortality. Average liveweights for each type of poultry are obtained from Defra's monthly survey of England and Wales poultry slaughterhouses. This is a sample survey of large poultry slaughterhouses, around 28 respondents. Similar surveys are run in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Meat production is calculated from the estimated number of birds slaughtered and the average liveweights. The liveweight is converted to carcass weight using industry advice on conversions factors.

Updated on : 27 Aug 2019

Unit : Millions of Birds

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Poultry Slaughterings UK Broilers


In the last 12 months Processing for
Broilers has changed by

* Five week month
Slaughterings by registered slaughterhouses only.
Boiling Fowls includes spent egg layers and spent chicken breeders.
Excludes 'Dead on Arrivals' and slaughterhouse rejects.
Spent Layers represent Spent commercial layer hens & spent layer breeders.
Spent Broiler Breeders represent Spent Broiler Breeder Hens
Turkeys are split between light & heavy birds as follows: Light < 8kg & Heavy > 8kg liveweight.
All UK Slaughtering figures contain UK hatched and imported birds.