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Combine World

About this Company

Who Are Combine World?
Combine World is a joint venture between 16 member companies, all of whom abide by a tough set of rules on appraisal, storage, refurbishment and selling of used combines.

What Choice Does Combine World Offer?
Normally Combine World will carry between 90 and 200 used combines and Forager World will carry between 10 and 40 used foragers at any one time, of all makes and models, with prices ranging from £3,000 - £120,000. This has to be the widest choice on the market today.

Does Combine World Offer Local Service and Backup?
With over 45 locations around the UK you can be sure that your local Combine World dealer is not far away. Even if you buy a machine from further afield, your local Combine World dealer will give you the same price, warranty and finance package.


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