Poultry news around the UK

27 May 2020

Coronavirus: US lawsuits allege egg 'price gouging'

19 May 2020

US lawyers have started class action lawsuits

Hundreds raised after young farmer targeted by thieves

19 May 2020

Thieves stole the farmer's honesty box

Farm gate prices for eggs rise significantly during 2020

15 May 2020

Prices have continued to rise for farmers

Egg producers call on government for Brexit tariff protection

12 May 2020

Egg industry bodies call for more support

Lidl criticised for importing Dutch eggs amid safety concerns

7 May 2020

Lidl criticised for importing fresh shell eggs

UK retailers could cease caged eggs 'before 2025 deadline'

21 April 2020

Supermarkets could switch 'earlier than expected'

Happy Egg free range brand faces legal action in US

20 April 2020

Claims that Happy Egg is misleading consumers

Agri college donates over a tonne of meat to local charities

20 April 2020

SRUC donates chicken to vulnerabe groups

Coronavirus: Egg producers urged not to break packer contracts

17 April 2020

Surge in egg demand due to coronavirus

New chicken study probes resistance to Campylobacter

16 April 2020

Scientists said findings were 'unexpected'

Pigs and chickens 'not susceptible' to Covid-19

14 April 2020

Study says they don't pose a risk to humans

UK's native breeds could 'flourish' post-CAP, charity says

10 April 2020

Native breed conservation is 'public benefit '

£2m fund package helps Yorkshire arable farm diversify into poultry

26 March 2020

Farm has constructed four modern poultry sheds

Coronavirus: Workers walk out of Moy Park site over safety concerns

25 March 2020

Staff walked out of site over Covid-19 concerns

16 cases of bird flu confirmed in UK so far this year

24 March 2020

Northern Ireland most heavily affected

British Lion to halt most on-farm inspections

23 March 2020

Coronavirus causes body to halt inspections

Sales of organic eggs enjoying 'double digit growth'

19 March 2020

Sales of organic overall increased 4.5% last year

Council approves poultry farm's expansion to 560,000 capacity

18 March 2020

Broiler bird capacity will increase by 360,000

Low prices hit profits of major egg producer and packer

18 March 2020

Falling eproducer prices and increased costs

Eggs do not pose cardiovascular disease risk, research says

17 March 2020

Eggs are good to eat, say scientists

Bird flu outbreaks detected in India and Philippines

17 March 2020

Highly infectious H5N6 strain hits Philippines

Farmers urge retailers to stock more Scottish chicken

9 March 2020

Poor results from a Scottish shelf watch survey

'Leaky' vaccines control severity of viral disease in chickens, study says

6 March 2020

'Leaky' vaccines play role in Marek’s disease management

Layers' bone strength could be improved thanks to key gene discovery

4 March 2020

The finding could inform selective breeding

Slower-growing chickens have improved meat quality, study says

3 March 2020

Higher welfare chicken could reduce waste for farmers

Police urge public to 'stop plundering' farm shop's chickens

2 March 2020

The business owner recently passed away

Plans for 100,000 broiler chicken farm in Powys approved

28 February 2020

Council approves farm despite local opposition

UK retail egg sales grow by 50% in ten years

27 February 2020

Egg sales in UK grow year-on-year

Egg producers hit by 'hyper deflation', industry figure warns

26 February 2020

He warned of big reduction in egg prices

Test developed to quickly evaluate disease response in chickens

25 February 2020

Method offers fast insight into chicken immunity