Poultry news around the UK

17 October 2019

French duck farm hit by mild strand of bird flu

11 October 2019

H5 bird flu virus detected in France

Egg industry slams government plans to remove tariffs

9 October 2019

Government has ignored pleas from the industry

Farmers urged to prepare for winter bird flu threat

7 October 2019

Farmers urged to prepare for winter bird flu threat

FarmingUK tries out the new Polaris EV Ranger UTV

7 October 2019

Farmer Jason Thompson reviews the electric-powered UTV

All of Sainsbury's eggs to be free range by April 2020

7 October 2019

Sainsbury's lays out egg commitment

Rare chicken breeds could be saved by surrogacy advance

1 October 2019

Hens act as surrogates for rarer breeds

Activists will target barn eggs next, animal welfare expert says

27 September 2019

Barn eggs 'will be next target'

Asda wins Poultry Retailer of Year for third time in row

25 September 2019

Asda crowned poultry king in ceremony

British Lion chief launches scathing attack on Brexit and tariffs

24 September 2019

He said leaving the EU would be a 'disaster'

New trial to tackle antimicrobial resistance in poultry

10 September 2019

Trials are under way

No 'scientific' reason to ban chlorine-washed chicken, Defra scientist says

31 August 2019

The practice is currently banned in EU

Measures to keep livestock safe during heatwaves

21 August 2019

Increase in body temperature can affect productivity

Oregano essential oil 'effective' in supporting poultry

15 August 2019

It helps birds during disease challenges

Eating more eggs could reduce dementia risk

15 August 2019

Risk of dementia falls with egg consumption

New dioxin egg scare hits Belgium

14 August 2019

Belgium issues egg recall

Free range egg producers see bee numbers boost

12 August 2019

The scheme covers 57 acres

Thousands of chickens die at broiler farm after heatwave

2 August 2019

Chickens at Moy Park farm die after heatwave

High-tech Dutch egg farm balances efficiency with sustainability

1 August 2019

40k egg unit has a big heart and unique story

Free-range producers look to Brexit compensation

29 July 2019

Free range egg producers prepare for no-deal

Oval poached egg wins food innovation award

18 July 2019

It's the first UK manufactured product of its kind

Boris Johnson signals possible ban on live exports

12 July 2019

He called it a 'really terrible business'

Group calls for tax on lower welfare eggs

10 July 2019

The group is calling for higher taxes on eggs

Farmers blame EU for 'sacrificing' poultry industry

5 July 2019

EU agrees 180,000t of additional meat from Mercosur

Activists film 'horrifying conditions' at Moy Park farms

26 June 2019

Moy Park is one of the UK’s biggest chicken producers

Oversupply a concern for Welsh poultry sector

21 June 2019

Caution urged around growth in Welsh poultry despite demand

Report shows importance of tariffs to egg industry after Brexit

17 June 2019

Egg industry has urged govt not to open up the UK market

Egg producers criticise critical labour after Brexit list

14 June 2019

British Egg Industry Council has urged govt to ignore the list

Chlorinated chicken should be offered in UK, US ambassador says

4 June 2019

'Entire economy' including agriculture 'on table' in trade talks

Poultry demand grows on back of African swine fever

31 May 2019

Global growth in poultry demand strengthened by swine fever

Lidl introduces method of production labels on chicken

31 May 2019

The move aims to combat consumer confusion over meat