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Rabobank Commodity Report

28 November 2012| Viewed 1444 times

Rabobank Commodity Report

  • Managed money increased its net long position across the agri commodity complex for the first time in 4 weeks—up 23,935 contracts to 485,337 contracts. Higher net longs in softs and livestock markets more than offset a drop in grains and oilseeds. The S&P Agri Index rose 1.3%.


  • CBOT Corn prices increased 3% as managed money increased its net long position by the largest amount in 5 months. After 6 consecutive weeks of reductions  the net long position rose 47,375 contracts to 250,228 contracts.


  • Managed money continued to reduce its net long position across the soy complex—down by 13,059 contracts to 112,790 contracts in CBOT Soybeans, down by 9,281 contracts to net short 53,421 contracts in CBOT Soy oil, and down by 1,853 contracts to 27,526 contracts in CBOT Soymeal.

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