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6 September 2016 |Government|Viewed 6277 times
CLA's 'New Opportunities' report: 'Better outcomes and reduced burdens'

CLA's 'New Opportunities' report: 'Better outcomes and reduced burdens'

5 August 2016 |Government|Viewed 7661 times
CLA's 'New Opportunities' report

This briefing, the second in the series, sets out the immediate trade priorities facing the Prime Minister and her ministers charged with negotiating ...

8 July 2016 |Government|Viewed 7195 times
AHDB report: What will an UK/EU trade relationship look like post-Brexit?

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has released the first in a series of articles looking at the potential implications for the...

29 June 2016 |Government|Viewed 7476 times
Farming Facts and Figures, Wales 2016

Published today by the Welsh Government, a report entitled ‘farming facts and figures' reveals that farm incomes are forecasted to fall co...

20 June 2016 |Government|Viewed 3524 times
Monitoring EU Agri Food Trade: Development until April 2016

The EU agri-food trade balance stood at the record value of €1.5 billion in April 2016, compared to €1 billion in April 2015, according to t...

9 June 2016 |Government|Viewed 5092 times
Environmental Audit Committee Flooding: Cooperation across Government

The Environment Audit Committee report released today states that funding for river maintenance has decreased by 6 per cent from 2010-15. The repor...

9 June 2016 |Government|Viewed 5524 times
'Does the CAP still fit?', new report from the Food Research Collaboration

The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) needs to become a “Common Sustainable Food Policy” to remain relevant for the 21...

25 April 2016 |Government|Viewed 6907 times
Post-Brexit replacement to the Common Agricultural Policy

The Tenant Farmers Association has issued a draft of a potential agricultural policy that could be put in place in the event that there was a vote to ...

14 April 2016 |Government|Viewed 5840 times
Letter from Prime Minister David Cameron to CLA President Ross Murray

Letter from Prime Minister David Cameron to CLA President Ross Murray

5 April 2016 |Government|Viewed 6320 times
Implications of a UK exit from the EU for British agriculture

The NFU has commissioned a world-leading agricultural research institute, the LEI at Wageningen University, to consider the impact of Brexit. A num...

4 April 2016 |Government|Viewed 2324 times
EU Commissioner Phil Hogan: 'Rethinking the Food Supply Chain'

Speech by Commissioner Phil Hogan at Political Forum on 'Rethinking the Food Supply Chain'. 31st March, 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania

22 March 2016 |Government|Viewed 5274 times
NGOs letter to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

CAP Fitness Check - Can the CAP deliver a sustainable European food and farming system?

18 March 2016 |Government|Viewed 5772 times
NFU 2016 Police and Crime Commissioners Election Manifesto

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were introduced in 2012 by the coalition government to replace the existing police authorities. The PCC is re...

8 March 2016 |Government|Viewed 6103 times
Food, the UK and the EU: Brexit or Bremain?

This Briefing Paper explores the food terrain exposed by the wider Brexit versus Bremain Referendum question to be decided by the voting UK public on ...

1 March 2016 |Government|Viewed 6910 times
The process for withdrawing from the European Union

This document sets out the process that would follow a vote to leave the European Union, and the prospects for negotiations. Alternative models for th...