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14 February 2017 10:47:09 |Dairy,Finance,News

Cheese manufacturer Barber's increases milk price by six pence in February

Barber’s haved raised milk prices by almost 25%

Barber’s haved raised milk prices by almost 25%

Barber’s farmer suppliers have seen a milk price increase of six pence per litre in February 2017.
Barber's have announced a series of three milk price increases for its farmer suppliers over the next quarter, which will see the milk price rise to 30p per litre in February.
This equates to an increase of 25% over the next three months.
Giles Barber says of the increase: "We believe that our customers want us to pay a fair and honest price for the milk that goes into making Barber’s cheddar - a price that allows efficient farmers to make a sustainable return and invest in their businesses to produce the high quality milk that we need.
"In an industry that has been in turmoil for the last two years this has been difficult to achieve but, with light at the end of the tunnel, we wanted to take the first opportunity we could to return a fairer milk price back to our farmers.
"Dairy farming and cheesemaking have long been a central part of our local economy and we’re committed to seeing this way of life continue. As customer demand for our cheese continues to grow, it’s vital that we support farmers to produce the additional milk required."


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