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21 April 2017 09:34:17 |Machinery and Equipment,News,Rural Life

Farmer accused of driving tractor at 93mph

Mr Gervais was flashed by a camera in Belgium for going 93mph

Mr Gervais was flashed by a camera in Belgium for going 93mph

A French winegrower has been slapped with a speeding ticket for driving his tractor at 93mph in a 75mph zone.
But little did he know, he has also broken the world record... or has he?
This would, in reality, make it the fastest tractor in the world, beating the current world record of 88mph set by a Valtra T234.
But Rémi Gervais, a winegrower from Montagnac in southern France, has denied the charge and claims his tractor cannot do more than 20mph, and that he wasn't even in Belgium when he supposedly did the 93mph run.
Mr Gervais told French online newspaper France Bleu Hérault, "I have never been to Belgium and I think I have more chance of winning the lottery than reaching that speed,"
"You have to laugh. Maybe my tractor can get into the record books."
Mr Gervais contacted the Belgian police to explain the problem and has sent all the relevant documentation to try and prove his innocence.
According to French newspaper The Connexion, it is believed that the incident was either a case of mistaken identify or fake number plates being used fraudulently.


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