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17 August 2012 11:03:52 |Market Reports,News,Slurry and Irrigation

Fertiliser Market Report - 17th August 2012

Calum Findlay, Gleadell’s fertiliser manager, comments on fertiliser markets:
The global urea market has remained quiet this week with price sentiments cooling following less nearby demand from the US. The signals are that we will see granular prices at origin correct down for new business, already down $10–15/t this week but, with a fresh Pakistan purchase tender for 300,000 tonnes expected in early September, support may be not so far away.
Traders want to buy at lower values for October/December shipments and watch the market with interest, any significant dip in prices will definitely be a buying opportunity as all are sure that, with a slow start to the campaign, demand in the EU will certainly outpace supply in Q4.
Prilled urea prices have also lowered slightly due to a sale into Brazil - these new levels may encourage more buyers into the market. Producers are trying to hold out for their original price ideas but, to encourage more buying, they will now have to consider the lower numbers on offer today from buyers from both Europe and the UK to achieve sales in what is a quiet market.
Ammonium Nitrate
In the Baltic and Black Sea, AN business remains slow because of a lack of consensus between buyers and sellers. In Europe, traders still have sufficient stocks and sales continue at the slow pace seen over the past few months. In the UK, producers plan to increase AN prices by £4/t from 1 September to £300/t DEL to farmers, as farmers continue to focus on combining this is likely to have little effect.
The global phosphates market is very slow. More demand seems to be emerging from Latin America, which is keeping export prices stable and interest from India and Pakistan is expected to prompt buyers back to the market. Phosphate demand in the UK remains steady and is likely to increase as OSR growers start to turn attentions to autumn drilling.
Activity in the global potash market remains dull because of a lack of direction. Buyers across markets are awaiting clarity on the Chinese settlement price before they finalise major purchases.


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