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30 March 2012 13:15:01 |News,Slurry and Irrigation

Fertiliser Market Report - 30/03/2012

Globally, the urea market is still firm as buyers in North America and Europe try to secure last minute tonnage. The market is short of urea for April, as strong demand from the US continues.
The weather conditions across much of the UK have been good and fertiliser application is heavily underway. Demand for urea at retail level has been subdued by the steady increase in prices in recent weeks but product is becoming increasingly tighter. Prilled urea prices have followed as demand increases in the UK.
Ammonium nitrate on-farm prices have also firmed and the spread between imported versus domestic product has narrowed. Imported AN demand has increased significantly over the past two weeks and stocks are low with many shipments due for April are already sold out. Replacement product will not arrive until late April.
Demand for NPKs is picking up significantly, particularly from the grassland sector in the west where farmers are looking for product for pre-Easter delivery. Due to good weather conditions over the past few weeks, phosphate demand in the UK is needed as quickly as possible and blenders are struggling to keep up with demand. Markets for DAP/MAP in Europe saw demand pick up early this week and volumes are moving from port warehouses inland in greater volumes.
The sulphur market remains firm in the UK with product very tight. Gleadell still have a small tonnage of PIAMON (33N + 30SO3) available for immediate delivery. Please contact your local Gleadell Farm Trader for more information.


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