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13 September 2017 08:03:18 |Government,News,Shows and Events

Gove lends support for Back British Farming Day as NFU urges MPs to wear badge

NFU President Meurig Raymond with Defra Secretary Michael Gove

NFU President Meurig Raymond with Defra Secretary Michael Gove

The farming industry urged MPs to get behind Back British Farming Day as an opportunity to demonstrate to the public the importance of farming.
The National Farmers' Union (NFU) has welcomed commitments from Defra Secretary of State Michael Gove to publicly support the British farming sector today (13 September).
The special day is a rallying call to encourage MPs to use their position in Westminster to support British farming, particularly in forthcoming Brexit negotiations.
During an interview for the NFU, Michael Gove said the Cabinet has an "enthusiasm" and "desire" to back British farming which is extended across Government.
He confirmed he will be wearing a special ‘Back British Farming Day’ pin badge which have been sent to all MPs ahead of the event and wants his fellow politicians to do the same.
The pin badges are made from British wheat and wool to represent the ‘horn and corn’ elements of British farming.
Mr Gove also said that Government should support farmers to become "more efficient, more productive and more competitive".
And during Brexit, Mr Gove said he wants Government to "support farmers more than ever", not just to export to new markets but also to ensure that domestics and European markets continue to benefit from high quality British produce.
NFU President Meurig Raymond said it is a "critical" time for the farming sector as Brexit negotiations get underway.
“We welcome the Secretary of State’s commitments ahead of Back British Farming Day. This support will be critical for the farming sector as Brexit negotiations get underway.
“It’s vital the Secretary of State stays true to these commitments and encourages the wider Cabinet to champion British farming and ensures agriculture is a central part of the political conversation during Brexit negotiations. We must ensure farming in this country has a thriving future outside of the EU.
“Back British Farming Day provides us with the perfect opportunity to engage with MPs across the political parties to ensure that any decisions taken in Parliament reflect the strategic importance of British food and farming to our nation.”
With an industry worth £109 billion and employing 3.8 million people, the Brexit negotiations will be seen as a crucial time to back this growing industry.
However, the Prime Minister did not wear the specially-made badge during today's Prime Ministers Questions, who also occasionally stumbled over her words when speaking about the day and farming in general.


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