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6 April 2011 11:17:35 |Agri Safety,News

LAA offers to provide 'vital link' to spread farm safety policy

The Livestock Auctioneers Association is offering the use of its extensive network of auction markets across the country to help the agricultural industry spread its vital farm safety message out to all farmers.
"We have contact with a huge cross-section of producers at our livestock markets and we could provide the vital link the industry needs to ensure a successful campaign," said former LAA chairman Alastair Sneddon, who has represented the association at recent farm safety "summits" in London and at Stoneleigh.
A passionate believer in the need to encourage more farmers to use appropriate safety gear and take common sense precautions in what is considered by many to be one of the most dangerous professions, Mr Sneddon said markets could:
’ Host farm safety events;
’ Distribute safety material
’ Display posters
’ Lead by example
"The LAA believes farm safety really matters and our members are already taking action to promote safety on the job at markets, where we all have to be well aware of the daily hazards of working with livestock," explained Mr Sneddon, who is a partner at Bagshaws at Bakewell Market in Derbyshire.
"Many farmers go to markets to socialise and converse with colleagues, as well as do business and I believe we could help by using these sites to pass the message on that their industry is dangerous, but they can protect themselves and their employees against accidents.
"They can also reduce the dangers by stopping and thinking before undertaking certain tasks. It’s simple stuff really - we could easily set up practical demonstrations at markets to show them exactly what they should be doing to promote safety on their farms."
LAA executive secretary Chris Dodds said: "Alastair has played a major role in the on-going talks to organise a farm safety campaign and we are already talking to other stakeholders about how markets can help take the message out to the industry."


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