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29 February 2012 14:05:17 |Feed and Forage,News

New Peak in maize herbicide performance

Maize growers will have a new option for effective weed control this spring, with the launch of Peak from Syngenta. The straight prosulfuron herbicide can be used as a post-emergence treatment on its own, or as a tank-mix with other products.
Syngenta Maize Herbicides Manager, Gary Jobling, high lights Peak has a highly flexible application window, right through to the 10-leaf stage in the crop. ’Ideally growers will use Peak to remove weeds at the earliest opportunity, to prevent competition and help the crop establish quickly. However, the option for delayed application will be useful where there are late emerging weeds, or as a follow up to an early Callisto or pre-emergence treatment,’ he advised.
The introduction of Peak will be extremely welcome by growers and agronomists, following the withdrawal of a number of maize herbicide options for the coming season, he added.
’Peak will be a highly cost effective herbicide option and is especially strong on cruciferous weeds and difficult species including sowthistles and docks. This will make it a perfect partner herbicide with selections targeting grass weeds, such as Calaris.’ Mr Jobling believes that Peak will be a natural successor to Jester, the herbicide widely used in maize and game cover crops. However, he pointed out that Peak cannot be used in conjunction with any other sulfonyl urea products.
Peak is already the core of many maize growers’ herbicide programmes in mainland Europe.

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