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6 January 2017 09:28:35 |Rural Crime,Machinery and Equipment,News,Rural Life

North Yorkshire Police issue warning to farm vehicle owners after spate of thefts

Farmers get update on rural crime prevention

Farmers get update on rural crime prevention

Police are warning quad bike and Land Rover owners in North Yorkshire to take steps to protect their vehicles, after a spate of thefts.
Over the Christmas and New Year period, Land Rover Defenders were stolen from Boroughbridge, Coniston Cold and Drebley. Quad bikes were taken from Castleton, Goathland and Pickering.
Owners are being advised to always leave vehicles locked and alarmed, if possible, and consider fitting an after-market approved immobiliser.
"They should be parked in a garage or secure area, or in a well-lit open space," they said in a statement.
"Keys should never be left in the ignition, in the same place where the vehicle is kept, or near the front door of your home.

"Be wary of anyone taking an interest in your vehicle, and consider a tracker device and marking system.
"If you have a quad that is not registered for the road please make a note of the VIN number so that there is a unique reference to enable the vehicle to be identified if it is recovered."
Extra steps
PCSO Sally Breen, from North Yorkshire Police's Rural Taskforce, said: "I am urging anyone who owns a Land Rover or a quad bike - and particularly if they live in an isolated, rural area - to take extra steps to ensure their vehicles are left safe and secure.
"It's much better to spend a bit of time and money now on better security than to go through the inconvenience and upset of having your vehicle stolen.
"Members of the pulic act as our eyes and ears in rural areas, and so if you are aware of any suspicious activity, don't hesitate to call it in, and we will take action."


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