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9 August 2018 16:47:36 |Government,News,Produce,Products

Rely on British eggs for safety and supply after Brexit, businesses warned

A ‘Breggsit’ storm is brewing as food businesses are encouraged to prepare

A ‘Breggsit’ storm is brewing as food businesses are encouraged to prepare

Businesses across the UK have been urged to rely on British Lion eggs and egg products – for both surety of supply and food safety - ahead of Brexit.
With Brexit supply uncertainty and recent food safety scares on the continent, there are serious question marks over the future of imported eggs and egg products.
The concern follows new research showing strong consumer demand for the use of British eggs in prepared food.
British Lion Egg Processors said that more than two thirds of shoppers are concerned that the egg in prepared food products they purchase is produced to different standards depending on which country it comes from.
The report also found that 57% of shoppers would like to know where the eggs in prepared food they purchase come from, and more than half of shoppers were disappointed to learn that the egg products in certain prepared foods are not British.
64% of UK shoppers would feel more confident buying egg products if they saw a Lion mark on the packaging, the study shows .

54% of shoppers also expected the eggs in processed food products to be produced to the same standards as those required in the UK.
The research shows that three quarters of shoppers feel it’s a supermarket’s responsibility to be completely transparent about where the ingredients in their food products come from.
Almost 50% would think less of a supermarket that sold food products which contained imported eggs, and 44% of shoppers would change the products they buy or where they shop if they found that the eggs used were not British Lion
Ian Jones, Chairman of British Lion Egg Processors said there is a "Breggsit storm brewing".
"In these uncertain times, with the potential knock-on effects of Brexit on the supply of food imports still not clear, and recurring issues with the safety of eggs and egg products produced abroad, food businesses can put their trust in the Lion to guide them through safely," Mr Jones said.
“With research also clearly showing that consumers want British eggs to be used in prepared foods containing egg, now is the time for food businesses to give them what they want, relying on the Lion for surety of supply and the highest standards of food safety.”


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