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20 December 2018 02:06:54 |Machinery and Equipment,News,Products

Robydome to launch remote control computer system for grain store management

The system can also be fully integrated and managed from a computer in the farm office or home

The system can also be fully integrated and managed from a computer in the farm office or home

Technological advances in grain store sensing and management are rapidly moving into today’s high-tech world, where home heating, lights and even boiling the kettle for a cuppa, can all be remotely controlled from your phone.
Launched at LAMMA 2019, the entirely new Robydome WTM-1 smart grain store monitoring and control point now enables complete remote management of temperatures and ventilation within the crop in flat-floor stores, using a phone or tablet from the comfort or convenience of wherever the user may be.
The WTM-1 is a self-contained smart box in the store, linked to its temperature probes and ventilation system sensors.
All the vital information to manage store conditions is available instantly, and in real-time, using a clear and simple web-browser page to check and make changes.
The highly intuitive control programme is designed from years of experience and knowledge of grain store installation and operation, with fully automatic or manual control.
Linked to ambient humidity and temperature sensors it can autonomously regulate if and when fans operate, to condition the crop to the ideal storage point.

Records continuously track progress and reports as grain temperatures cool for individual points across the store - ensuring any hot spots can be quickly targeted and resolved. The WTM-1 will automatically send an email alert if any danger points or problems are triggered.
A single WTM-1 control point can manage up to eight stores, with up to 32 sensors in each store. It’s compact design and high functionality eliminates all the issues with dust and humidity experienced with a static computer point in the store.
The system can also be fully integrated and managed from a computer in the farm office or home.
Importantly, with the Robydome system all the store’s historical records and data are held on the farm’s own box, rather than a remote server. That has eliminated expensive monthly data storage and access costs associated with server-based systems.
The WTM-1 is available for compatibility with the company’s range of wireless probes and sensors for new store installation or upgrades, as well as a retro-fit for suitable existing Robydome systems.
For more information on then WTM-1, along with all of the Robydome range of grain store monitoring, sensing and control systems, visit LAMMA Stand - Hall 8 Stand 8.906.


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