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31 December 2016 10:10:18 |Meat Processing,News,Pigs,Produce,Supermarkets

Shoppers starting to shun pork, suggests industry data

Do you reguarly buy meat such as bacon?

Do you reguarly buy meat such as bacon?

Bacon sales have declined as shoppers choose fish over meat for their meals, industry data has suggested.
Meat sales were down by £300m in 2016, a report by The Grocer said, while pre-prepared fish sales were up by over £30m.
It said health warnings such as those linking processed meats to cancer had played a part.
Bacon sales dropped by over £122m during the 12 months, whilst sausage sales declined by £51m. Whilst fruit and vegetable sales were up, driven by the popularity of avocados, blueberries and raspberries.
This comes as news of AHDB Pork's proposal to spend an extra £1m on promoting British pork under a new three-year strategy for the sector, launched earlier this month.
The increase in domestic marketing spend of £1 million is proposed to help position pork as a versatile meal solution, rather than an alternative to other meats. The spending will be weighted towards 2017, the first year of the strategy.


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