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6 April 2012 08:22:17 |Feed and Forage,News,Shows and Events

Sustainable Intensification for CropWorld Global

"Sustainable intensification" of crop production, and how producers and consumers can profit from its technical, economic and political challenges will be the theme of CropWorld Global 2012, to be held in London this November. International experts will debate the role of "sustainable intensification" and whether it can be the solution to an ever growing global population.
"Increasing output from the same area of land and at the same time reducing any possible environmental impact, while boosting national wealth is the aim of approaching crop production through sustainable intensification. We need to examine and explore its viability against other strategies", said Clare King, director of CropWorld. "The conference will provide a platform for a range of global experts to make the case and debate the issues surrounding this approach", she added.
This years conference, which will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, from the 6th - 8th November has already secured a number of keynote speakers including Peter Kendall, President of the National Farmers Union, Dr Friedhelm Schmider, Director General of the European Crop Protection Agency, Juan Ferreira, Vice President Europe, Mid-East and Asia, Monsanto and Dr. Pedro Machado, Director General of Rice and Beans, Embrapa, the Brazilian agricultural research corporation.
On the first day the conference will examine the need for sustainable agricultural intensification as well as whether it can be achieved in practice. It will also look at global commodity prices as well as a global harvest round up and planning forecast for 2013. On the second day CropWorld Global will debate three streams, political, financial and technical, all drivers of sustainable agricultural intensification. "This is the third annual CropWorld Global and with its move to the Queens Elizabeth centre in Westminster, it promises to be the most successful yet, " said Clare King.
"Building on the success of the regional CropWorld events, the most recent of which was held in the United States, last week, CropWorld Global will offer a truly international perspective, " she added.

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