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To celebrate its 40th year in business, Meadow Quality goes “show biz”!

Meadow Quality Limited remains a 100% farmer owned business

Meadow Quality Limited remains a 100% farmer owned business

Meadow Quality the farmer controlled multi-species livestock marketing business based in Warwickshire, is celebrating its 40th year in business by launching its new film “It’s all about Meadow Quality”.
Filmed at various sites, including head office in Warwickshire, the Calf Collection Centre in Chippenham and with the help of a number of our farmer producers, it reflects the unique livestock marketing service which Meadow Quality has been offering since its formation.
Established in 1975 by a group of Worcestershire farmers as Meadow Valley Livestock, the livestock marketing co-operative had the aim of allying producers more closely to their end consumer and the mission of providing members with a secure market at the highest possible long term return.
Back then, the company worked closely with two processors and employed a full time manager and a part time fieldsman!
'100% farmer owned business'
Today, Meadow Quality Limited remains a 100% farmer owned business unique in its size and scale. Covering Calf, Cattle, Sheep and Pig marketing, Meadow Quality Limited is based in Warwickshire and employs 35 people full time across England and Wales.

The company continues to grow its membership annually, and currently markets around half a million animals each year, with an annual turnover of around £83 million.
Chief Executive Officer, Matt Nightingale, commented: “As a Stratford-upon-Avon based, 100% Farmer owned business we have experienced many changes over the past 4 decades and had to cope with major events such as BSE and the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak of 2001.
“However, it is testament to the resolve of the industry and the employees of the business that we are continuing to thrive, as British Agriculture enters its next major phase of change in the remainder of this decade, learning to adapt and operate outside of the European Union and its Common Agricultural Policy.
“The business will continue to work as hard as ever for its Farmer members to provide Consumers with high quality British produce that is now in increasing demand.”


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