UK's first floating solar power system launched on Berkshire farm

The UK’s first fully operational floating solar panel system has been unveiled on farm in Berkshire.

Located at Sheeplands Farm, Berkshire, the pioneering large scale HYDRELIO® Floating Solar PV system is an innovative, reliable and cost effective alternative to ground and roof mounted solar installations with numerous economical and environmental benefits.

With advancements in renewable technology becoming increasingly more important, Floating Solar UK Ltd is proud to be able to offer farmers and UK land owners, for the first time, the unique opportunity to adopt this exciting and disruptive new technology. The Sheeplands Farm HYDRELIO® floating solar plant, also the first large scale system of its kind in Europe, features 200kW of solar photovoltaic panels across its brand new 60 million litre irrigation reservoir

“We are extremely excited about this announcement and what it means for both Floating Solar UK and the larger renewable energy industry in the UK and Europe.” said Mark Bennett, CEO and Founder of Floating Solar UK Ltd. “The launch of our new installation signals what we hope is a revolutionary new alternative for farmers and owners of large used, and unused, bodies of water who are wanting to generate both renewable energy and sustainable income. The technology is durable, cost effective and so flexible that it only took us a week to install a 200KW system with over 800 floating panels.”

The HYDRELIO® Floating Solar PV system was developed by French company Ciel et Terre, who have been involved in innovations in solar panel technology since 2006. Floating Solar Panel UK Ltd is the first official and agreed distributor of the HYDRELIO® technology in the UK and is committed to helping promote the use of renewable energy sources that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies, while also helping land owners maximise and unlock the potential of unused bodies of water.

“It is fantastic to see our innovative technology now being deployed in the UK for the first time. The floating solar installation at the Sheeplands Farm site is a real-world example how advancements in renewable technology can both easily be installed and deliver results so quickly.” said Alexis Gaveau, President of Ciel et terre “We are delighted to have chosen Floating Solar UK as our official partner to take this technology to market and look forward to seeing it being adopted further across the UK.”