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7 May 2016 10:07:23 |Grassland,News,Sheep

Union asks Crofting Commission to bring forward 'a simple guide for best practice'

NFU Scotland calls for clear guidance on crofting grazings committees to be issued

NFU Scotland calls for clear guidance on crofting grazings committees to be issued

NFU Scotland has asked the Crofting Commission to bring forward a simple guide to best practice for grazing committees.
NFUS, which has around 800 crofting members, has made the request following discussions with the Commission on how committees operate.
Sutherland crofter Sandy Murray, who chairs the Union’s Crofting, Highlands and Islands Working Group said: "It is in the best interests of all, that any Common Grazings Committee operates with up-to-date regulations and within the law.
"The Crofting Commission is best placed to deliver guidance and clarification to any committee. If changes are needed, then a grazings committee meeting can be held as soon as possible, all stakeholders notified and steps taken to ensure that their grazing regulations are fit-for-purpose and up-to-date.
"NFUS has called on the Commission to draw up simple and accessible best practice guidance on how grazings committees should be operating – clearly mapping out what they must do, should do and could do.
"The Commission should then send this to all grazings committees and clerks along with the new common grazings regulations template and guidance – as available on the Commission website.

"The Union supports active crofters and the active use of common grazings. In order to help achieve this we believe that there are real benefits in Common Grazings being regulated and having grazing committees in office, for the benefit of the common grazing and the shareholders."

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