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10 April 2012 14:45:40 |News

United Fresh joins with FMI for operator opportunities

United Fresh Produce Association is joining forces with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Independent Operators Committee to deliver increased value to independent supermarkets at this year’s co-located FMI and United Fresh shows in Dallas, April 30 – May 3.
Under the leadership of Bristol Farms CEO Kevin Davis, chair of the FMI Independent Operators Committee, FMI is hosting a series of events at this year’s show designed specifically for independent supermarket executives. Independent supermarkets will be treated to an exclusive "hard-hat" tour of the FMI and United Fresh trade shows on Monday prior to the show’s opening, as well as special education programs. "One of the key new features we’re offering this year is "Independents Power Hour" on all three show days, allowing independent operators to sign up for specific appointments with exhibitors of their choice," said FMI President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin.
"Independent supermarkets are a key channel for fresh produce suppliers, while fresh fruits and vegetables are a highlight for these companies in distinguishing themselves in the marketplace," said United Fresh President and CEO Tom Stenzel. "With just four weeks before the United Fresh and FMI shows convene in Dallas, we’re excited about this great opportunity to connect sellers and retailers of varying size and scope to boost their business."
With the United Fresh/FMI partnership, independent supermarkets will have added value for their produce teams, as United will assist them during the "hard-hat" tours of the produce show floor and setting up private appointments with produce exhibitors.
"The key for independent operators is a one-stop shop, where executives can find all of the resources and make the contacts needed to grow their business," said Bristol Farms CEO Kevin Davis. "Now, I’ll be working with our company’s produce director Raul Gallegos, who also serves on the United Fresh Retail-Foodservice board, to enhance the overall value to our company."
"The fresh category is often a value-differentiator for retailers, and our partnership on and off the show floor with United Fresh will give independent operators the opportunity to see, first hand, the innovation among produce companies and their supplier partners," Sarasin said.
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