Dairy campaign to underscore milk benefits to university sports

The campaign aims to "reintroduce young students to the natural goodness of milk"
The campaign aims to "reintroduce young students to the natural goodness of milk"

A new industry campaign designed to highlight the benefits of milk to young students involved in sport is being launched.

'Milk Every Moment', which will launch on 8 July by AHDB, will provide students with information on milk's role in a healthy, balanced diet.

The three-year campaign is being launched by the levy board in collaboration with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS), which governs sport in UK higher education.

The partnership aims to "reintroduce young students to the natural goodness of milk through relevant, interesting and entertaining content".

It will underscore milk’s affordability and the fact it is a natural source of seven essential vitamins and minerals.

Both organisations say the campaign will aim to capture market share from high-sugar energy drinks and milk alternatives.

Liam Byrne, AHDB director of marketing, said: "This initial three-year programme marks an investment in the next generation of athletes and future leaders by highlighting the important role milk can play.

“Many students have highlighted milk’s role in their muscle health and recovery. During this campaign, students will also learn more about the other nutritional benefits of milk, helping them to make more informed dietary choices.”

Milk Every Moment will also seek to dispel myths by providing evidence-based information about milk’s benefits, such as its high protein content.

Other key messages will highlight milk as a natural source of high-quality protein, which supports muscle growth and maintenance, and its calcium content.

The Milk Every Moment campaign will feature on BUCS' social media pages.

Will Roberts, CEO of BUCS, said the benefits of milk for young athletes – both from a nutritional and budgetary perspective – were 'clear'.

"We are thrilled to be able to work alongside AHDB to highlight this message to a Gen Z audience.”