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Exclusive agent for SANOVO and STAALKAT products in the UK.

Eggs are the foundation of Sanovo Technology Group, according to the company. It offers solutions to every aspect of egg handling and processing, as well as advice. The Danish company has a worldwide presence supplying total solutions to its customers. In the UK 4pe supply a number of Sanovo products to its customers, including graders and case packers.

The Staalkat egg graders can pack between 14,400 eggs per hour and 216,000 egg per hour, depending on the model. It has a double de-nester option, fully automated handling and has washable automatic packers, while operator interfaces can be seen throughout the plant. It has no delicate moving parts and so can be washed down at the end of the day without the need to disassemble anything.

The Staalkat Alpha egg graders can be equipped with loaders to be used in both in-line as well as off-line or in combination. Hygienic features like brush and UV units are available.

In terms of integrated process control, Sanovo offers a complete customer-designed PLC- and PC-based supervision system (SCADA) for monitoring, process control and registration of operational parameters. The supervision system can data log and trouble shoot. The system stores the manual for each machine, including part lists and electrical drawings.

An automatic maintenance program can be implemented into the supervision system as well. The supervision system is provided with a user-friendly interface that, if required, can be integrated into an existing office automation system.

Sanovo offers a service and maintenance package, a comprehensive spare part service and specialist training in all working areas of egg handling and processing.


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