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The Rhino Agriwash® Defender is an automatically activated drive-through vehicle disinfecting system. It has been specifically designed to reduce the spread of disease by vehicular movements in locations where biosecurity is a concern.

The system comprises a robust wash platform with low profile ramps, spray bars, side screens, an entry sensor, a high performance chemical dosing unit with pump and a small control panel mounted on a 110 litre header tank. It is a surface mounted system, but can be inset for a more permanent installation. The Defender requires only a single phase, 240v power supply and a mains water connection.

The Defender activates automatically upon a vehicle passing the entry sensor. It benefits from strategically positioned nozzles on four vertical spray bars positioned at the corners of the unit and horizontal spray bars located in the platform base. These ensure effective coverage of the vehicles' tyres, wheels and under carriage. The pump delivers 3 bar pressure at the nozzle, ensuring consistent coverage regardless of weather conditions or the remote nature of the location. The spray cycle is adjustable to suit the needs of an individual site. Overspray is minimised by virtue of the heavy duty PVC side screens that can be easily removed if re-locating the system.

The waste water collects in the shallow wash platform which is fitted with an overflow port. It can be emptied by connecting a hose and transferring the wash water to an external container or de-watering pad. Alternatively and only when permitted, it can run to waste.

The advanced dosing unit supplied with the Rhino Agriwash® Defender has been selected for its long term accuracy and consistency. Adjustable dosing comes as standard (from 0.2% to 5%) and it is easily adapted to suit any commonly used chemical disinfectant, acid or alkaline.

The Rhino Agriwash® Defender is delivered on a small crane offload vehicle and can be installed within an hour.

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