Biological pest control has become the choice pest control method in horticultural food production around the world. APPI was founded in 2012 in order to develop and market biological control solutions against pests in the habitat of pets and farm animals. We benefit from the extended experience of our parent organisation, which has 5 decades of experience in developing natural pest control against pests on plants. APPI aims for biological control to become the default choice for pet owners and farmers.

We believe that nature has given us power to control pests in a natural -biological- way. Chemical pesticides are in many cases harmful for humans, animals and the environment. Using them often starts a vicious circle of increasing dose and frequency of treatments since the pest organisms build up resistance against the chemical compound.

Nature provides solutions to keep pests in balance with the rest of eco-system. Most pest organisms have one or more natural enemies, these beneficial insects enable us to control a pest in it's eco-system even artificial ones like vivariums, terrariums, aviaries etc. Natural enemies, provide a fully organic solution without the risks and disadvantages caused by pesticides. A snake mite infestation can be controlled by introducing natural enemies (predatory mites) in the eco-system of the reptile.

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