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Aviagen Group

The Aviagen Group® is a global poultry breeding company, developing pedigree lines for the production of broiler chickens and turkeys. The Aviagen® broiler breeding brands include Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® for conventional markets, while the Rowan Range® brand is designed to meet the needs of the slower-growing, free-range, and organic markets. The addition of our Specialty Males® portfolio provides even more flexibility for our customers in their breeding stock choices. Aviagen Turkeys® is the premier supplier of turkey breeding stock worldwide. The company operates full scale breeding programmes in the USA and Europe, supporting the B.U.T.®, Nicholas® and Hockenhull brands.

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Aviagen Group

11 Lochend Rd,
Newbridge EH28 8SZ,
United Kingdom

+44 1313 331056

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