Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems Ltd

Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems Limited is a leading CE Certified, UK manufacturer in complete storage and processing equipment solutions for the agricultural and industrial markets. Eurocode and DINN 1055 designs available.

We offer a wide range of galvanised steel silos and hoppers, water tanks, catwalks and platforms, material handling equipment, cleaning and grading and weighing and drying systems that are assembled worldwide.

With over a century of experience in the design, quality and installation of grain storage systems, we have developed new technologies that have been applied to the manufacture as well as the installation of grain storage and processing equipment.

Our engineering and technical expertise combined with continued focus on customer satisfaction places us in a strong position to capitalise on the expanding market in storage systems. With the capabilities to design, manufacture, supply, and install storage systems from an extensive range of products, we provide a comprehensive end to end solution which can be designed to any specific clients’ requirements.

As the demand for bulk storage and handling equipment is increasing worldwide, volumes and competitive pricing in grain handling charges require efficient solutions. We manufacture the right quality of product to produce the efficiency savings required to justify the investment.

Our intention to remain at the forefront of this business sector has already been established, with key preferred supplier status being achieved with major companies throughout the world.

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Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems Ltd,
Dragonby Vale Enterprise Park,
Mannaberg Way,
Scunthorpe DN15 8XF

+44 1724 282828

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