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Expert support from the Birch Solutions team has helped one AD plant operator to generate more than £300,000 in extra revenue by improving the efficiency of the operation.

The AD operator took advantage of the Birch Solutions support package and saw efficiency at the 0.5MW plant increase from 62% to 91% in just three months.

By providing expert analysis, service, parts replacement, maintenance and careful management of the plant, the Birch Solutions team have transformed the performance of the plant which has two CHPs exporting to the grid.

When the team first arrived, the AD plant had unstable biology, low gas volumes, failing components and unstable temperatures. They quickly set about replacing failed components and installing remote monitoring equipment while also implementing a bi-weekly biology sampling and analysis system. A new feed plan was also created to reduce the slurry input.

Continuation of support under a, newly released, bespoke ‘Site Support Package’ will ensure that the plant continues to run at its optimum levels and provide stable gas production.

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