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There have been various designs of no bit bridle (hackamore, bosal, and sidepull) in use for many years, but the crossover / cross-under / crosspull / whole-head-hug design (a defining feature of The Bitless Bridle™) is the only one to provide both pain-free and comprehensive communication.

Dr Cooks leather bitless bridle on Tennessee Walking Horse Dr W R Cook, a UK-trained equine vet, first marketed The Bitless Bridle™ in the USA in 1999. It is the only bitless design that has been developed and physiologically validated by a respected veterinary surgeon, one who has focussed 50 years of his research on the mouth, ear, nose and throat of the horse, particularly unsoundness of wind, the cause of bleeding in racehorses and the harmful effects of the bit method of communication.

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