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With theft in rural areas on the increase it comes as no surprise to find more farmers turning to CCTV systems to protect their property and livestock.

They realise that such surveillance operations not only act as a deterrent by merely being in place, they can also help to identify and apprehend any thieves and intruders.

There is so much equipment on a farm, not to mention the animals, that you may have to set out your priorities, be entrances to yards, farm machinery, barns, diesel tanks, the farmhouse itself, or whatever.

It will all depend, to a large extent, on what you can afford, but bear in mind that systems can always be upgraded at a later date.

For example CCTV is also an important addition in security to help protect and manage personnel. Such systems help ensure that the correct actions are being undertaken by personnel in order to comply with health and safety legislation, particularly in the production of food. CCTV recordings can also provide invaluable in resolving issues concerning working hours and time-keeping.

You will be able to protect livestock, which will be under 24 hour surveillance, not to mention the fact that you can also keep an eye on your livestock during lambing and birthing seasons generally.

Whether you have a large, food production farm, or a small family farm with a lifetime of work and dreams, we can help you find the perfect CCTV system to provide security and peace of mind, call us today on 0800 211 8310.

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